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Chapter 12 (Fog By Chuks Obinna)

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"Slow down, Kari." He yelled as he watched his son run across the hillside, towards the mountains.
"You're too slow, Father."
He walked quickly when he saw his son standing with a strange man. The strange man had his Son's hand in his.
"What do you think you are doing?" He yelled and pulled his son to him.
The man smiled, a middle aged man with dark flowing hair and long beards.
"Your Son is gifted." The strange man said.
He held his Son's hand, "What do you mean gifted?" He asked, looking suspiciously at the strange man.

"Supreme Leader!"
He broke off from his reverie and turned to look at the Soldier who'd opened the side door.
He snarled, "What!"
"We have arrived at the edge of the forest."
He looked around him. He shook his head, how long had he been secluded to his thoughts?
"Very well," He said, stepping out of the vehicle, "Bring them out."
The doors of the truck swung open and the youngs walked out slowly, not one word being uttered.
"Place them in groups!" The Supreme Leader ordered.
The Dreamers shifted slowly as they were placed into pairs.
After this was done, the Soldiers looked at the Supreme Leader for their final orders.
The air was tense and quiet. Most of the youngs out there thought they were about to be executed. They were aware of the Soldiers awaiting orders.
Thankfully, they noted, there were no guns.
The Supreme Leader nodded.
"Alright," a Soldier boomed, "Under the Law of the new republic, you are hereby banished from the People's City for possession and manifestation of evil abilities." The Soldier said this with as much conviction as he could mutter. Not so much.
The Supreme Leader watched all that was going on with a bored expression. It was getting boring and tiresome. He was thinking, if he started executing Dreamers maybe that would be easier. Then again, it wouldn't still bring satisfaction. His thoughts trailed off again.
"What do you mean gifted? He asked the strange man.
The strange man walked closer to the boy, "Look at him," he said, almost sniffing the boy, "The very essence of dreams flows within him."
He pushed the man away from his Son, "I do not understand."
The Strange man chuckled, "You will. Soon." And he began walking away.
Father and Son stood still watching him, then the strange man turned, "And when you do, I will be right here waiting."
As he said that a gust of wind blew over him and he wasn't there anymore.
That very night, he began noticing strange things.
The time was somewhere around midnight when he heard screams from his son's room.
"Kari!" He rushed into the room and halted by the door.
His son was wriggling on his bed, and groaning with his hand gripping the bed tight. He rushed towards the bed and held both shoulders of the boy.
"Calm down, Kari. It is just a bad dream." How right he was.
The boy's wriggling and groaning slowly reduced and he was soon breathing normally. This was the first instance, so He thought nothing of it.

"Sir! He heard someone shout.
" what?" He turned around him, "What is it?"
The Soldier looked at his feet, "They are gone."
"Oh." He looked up at the high moon as the thin cloud peeled off, making the night brighter.
He climbed into the vehicle, "The Fog comes." He smiled wryly.


They were seventeen in total, broken into eight pairs, with one group having an extra man. The moment the Dreamers got into the Forest, there was an initial sense of relief which quickly faded into uncertainty.
"I say we should wait here and hope someone finds us." A boy of about thirteen said.
"That's stupid." Someone muttered.
"What do we do now?" A girl asked.
The biggest boy in the group saw this as an opportunity to exercise his superiority.
"I would like to make two things clear." He paused, making sure he had everyone's attention.
Satisfied, he continued, "I think I am the oldest here. I am seventeen. Is there anyone older than seventeen?" He looked around. No one. He smiled.
"Good, so I am in charge. Second, we have to stay together. I used to spend time in the forest, hunting and fishing." He paused, "In my dreams, though."
Everyone chuckled.
With the mood lightened a little, he continued. "This is also a forest, how hard can it be?"
As he said that, they began hearing a creaking sound.
"Look!" One of them gasped.
They began mumbling as they watched the path through which they came begin to close up.
"We cannot go back there." The Seventeen year old said, "So we move forward."
The Dreamers lined up and began moving into the forest. No one noticed the mist that had begun to rise from the earth.


Amzhi found himself rushing towards a hut.
"Lo!" He shouted and ran up to him.
Lo looked at him and wondered what it was now.
"What is it, Amzhi?"
"I need to ask you something."
Lo shuffled his feet hurriedly, "I'm busy right now. Can it not wait?"
Amzhi shook his head, "It is about the Old man I–uh zoned with."
Lo narrowed his eyes, "What about him?"
"I need to see him. We–need to see him."
Lo shook his head and frowned, "That cannot be possible now."
"Wait, but–"
Lo interrupted him, "Like I said earlier, I am busy. We have Dreamers in that forest right now." He pointed, as if they were right in front of him.
Amzhi followed his hand, and opened his mouth to say something but He was interrupted again.
"Half of which will not make it to this camp." He looked up into the sky, "I don't have much time." With that he rushed off leaving Amzhi staring at the sky.
As he was about to look away he saw a short streak of blue lightning flash through the skies. An odd colour, he thought.


"How long have we been walking?" A young boy asked, rubbing his feet and sitting on a fallen tree.
"Keep up." The seventeen year old shouted from the middle of the line.
"I'm tired." Another said, joining him on the stump, "And hungry."
The young boy looked at the line; it was still visible. "Let's rest here a little. We can still catch up with the others."
The second boy nodded, smacking his lips and looking around.
"Do you smell that?" He asked, sniffing the air.
"Smell what–oh yes, I do, what is it?"
The second boy stood up, "I think it's moisture. Like there is water around here somewhere." He said excitedly.
"Yes," the first boy said, getting up from the fallen tree. He looked at the line which was getting less visible, "Shouldn't we call the others?"
The second boy was already walking towards a cluster of trees, sniffing the air.
"We can still catch up, but right now I'm so thirsty." The first boy followed him.
They walked behind the cluster of trees and came upon a small stream with clear, flowing water that glistened under the moonlight. The stream rushed silently, whooshing as the waves caught twigs and stones in its path.
"I told you!" The second boy said excitedly.
The first boy started laughing and rushed towards the water, his feet scraping the ground.
"It's delicious!" He exclaimed, lapping up the water hungrily.
"And it's cool!" The second boy said, making a big splash as he jumped in.
"My turn!" The other exclaimed and plunged into the water. They wadded around in the water, gasping and laughing happily.
"Oh, look, it's like steam." The first boy said, pointing towards the mist hissing silently above the water.
"What? The other asked, then he noticed the 'steam' that seemed to be covering the stream," I think we should get out." He said with a growing panic in his voice.
The mist grew thicker and it was beginning to get difficult to see anything. The hissing was also getting louder and an owl hooted nearby. The boys quickly scrambled out of the stream and watched as the mist surrounded them. That familiar feeling of fear was beginning to creep back in. Their clothes stuck to their skin and dripped with water.
"What are those?" One of the boys asked, shutting his ears with his palm to drown out the voices.
They were about to scream when the mist covered them completely.



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