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Dreams Do Come True II By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 02/01/2018 16:08
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I screamed the maid's name and she ran to me as if being pursued from wherever she was. She met me at my room's door as I held onto the knob for balance, I asked her if she had cleaned my room but her answer was negative. I asked further if there was any person that dropped by the house while I was asleep, she answered No and my fear increased. I was not only hunted in the office but also at home. My fear increased the more.
The maid backed off as if she was seeing a ghost and I didn’t blame her as my face had turned white as the notion of danger and violence on me, my husband and kids crept into my mind. ‘Nowhere is safe’ my mind kept screaming! As I ran to my phone, so did the maid run too; I wonder where she ran to. I called my husband but he wouldn't answer the phone.
As I dialed his number, a lot of things ran through my mind; could it be my colleague, who I succeeded at the office, could it be the maid or even the driver? Who could it be? When I couldn't get any response from my husband, I called Therese who happened to be a God sent at the moment as she calmed me down and advised I hired a detective and also some guards to keep the family safe from the Traitor.
I was grateful to her and hung up after she promised to forward some detectives' numbers she had in her custody. I called the driver and asked him to be extra careful while bringing the kids back home and I also gave the instructions that no one should venture into the house without me being inform.
As I watched my kids trot into the house one after the other, I knew there was trouble as their faces sparkled fire made of fuel but I ignored it and that didn't stop them from being well behaved until their dad returned. But as soon as he stepped into the Sitting Room after refreshing from the day's work, they exploded with displeasure, disdain, anger and frustration towards the new development of being picked up from school by the driver instead of their somehow usual way of walking home with their peers and friends; window shopping and chatting like a chatterbox since the school was just few blocks away from the house.
My husband listened, spoke when necessary, asked questions and gave his advice; stressing on the importance of the family's safety. I waited for them to conclude their session and as soon as they did that, I chirped in with a sweet name to my husband "Darling, Danny My Dandy," and as I muttered those words, everyone's attention shifted to me then I continued to inform them about Therese's amazing suggestion of getting some guard to protect us from any physical harm.
His response was that of acceptance and confusion; I bet his mind had more than 20 people talking at the same time but he didn't act his fear in front of the kids. As for them, they received it somewhat joyfully based on showcasing to their mates that they were of blue blood than the implications of their lives being in danger. I didn't tell them about the private detective because I wanted doing it without their knowledge in other not to instill more fear in them. And with the contacts from Therese, we were able to get an agency to send us some of their men.
The next day, I reported to work with some sense of comfort as I had one of the guards with me. At work, I met with my colleague, the one I succeeded after our final clearance for the position I was occupying in the office. He is a middle aged sturdy man with a fourth eye which he pushes up his nose with each word he utters. He glanced a dubious look my way as I sent him a friendly greeting on my way to the office.
I paid no attention to his glance not until my guard walked up to inform me that as he was heading back to the car from the rest room that he saw my colleague moving away from my car. Oh my Gosh! Finally I had unearthed my Traitor! I asked him to do a thorough check on the car before we could walk up to the Traitor to confront and arrest him and to my uttermost surprise, we came up with nothing. I mean nothing! We decided it was best we don't confront him instead keep an unwavering eye on him. And the week went by with no further drama.
And as I started relaxing from the fear the unexpected happened! I had just stepped out for some shopping with my son when I came across his lesson teacher. She happened to be shopping too at the same mall with us. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked for an aside with my son. I left them and went ahead to shop for what was on my list knowing fully well that my son was in good hands and if he couldn't locate me when he was done that he will wait in the car for me. Few hours later, no sign of my son and I was done shopping.
I made my way to locate the car and that's when it happened! Few blocks away from me was a car revving as if something was wrong with its engine. With a hand full of luggage, I watched as the car made its way towards me and it wasn't until few kilometers away that I realized that the driver's intention was to run me over! I made a run to my right throwing all the luggage away, saying a silent prayer for a Savior but none seemed to be in sight.
So I kept on running till I tripped and fell from a banana peel and then I turned to watch as the car made its way towards me. I didn't stop praying until I saw the plate number and the driver of the car. In bewilderment, I watched my son screeching and shouting out something to me. I couldn't make out the words as my heart was in my ears.
And as the car veered and screeched towards me, I knew it was dooms day for me! I closed my eyes and prayed again this time breathlessly as I was gasping after my unfruitful escape but then help came. A little girl! She just ran to me out of nowhere. Out of the blue! She came to where I lay and stood above me as if her little form would save me from the massive car and my son's angry venom. But then she was my shield as the car came to a stop 3 feets away from us and then it took a circle round us and sped away as if it had seen a ghost.
Just then the child's parents came panting to my almost lifeless body, picked their child and supported me to a hospital. They placed a call to the police giving them the details of the car and also informed my husband who came immediately to the hospital. I was so rattled that any sound got me scared. The doctors advised that I should be sedated in other to be calmed. It worked but just for a while as I could be heard talking in my sleep and at some point, I started behaving like a meningitis patient and this time the dose was increased. Thanks to God by the next day, I was better though still startled but my son's whereabouts was not accounted for.
After some days and few medications, I was discharged to rest at home with the care of a nurse. I begged my husband to book a hotel room in a remote area for my safety sake until I had fully recovered and he did that. Few days after I moved to the hotel room, my son was arrested at the airport as he was trying to buy his way to freedom in Canada. He was said to be accompanied by a lady, his mother. I was confused until I met with the lady. His teacher! Miss Esther was my son's teacher how was this possible! I was dumbfounded when my son repeated it to my face that his teacher was his mother! "How could you say a thing like that!?" I screamed at the top of my voice and then he told me that I stole him from his mother, the teacher after I lost my baby in the same hospital with his mother.
"Wow! What a tale of the nation" I muttered under my breath and Miss Esther shouted at me to shut up and listen and so I did.
Quietly I listened to her version which stated that my Daniel was the father of my son, Xavier and this time my hand stretched till it got to her cheeks and gave her a high five and she retaliated with a brush to my hand. We were asked to stay in separate rooms until my husband arrived. And as we waited my anger grew towards Miss Esther. How come this story? How could she be allowed to be used by the devil? Who was really trying to destroy my heart and home? Where did I go wrong as a wife and a mother?
I was boiling with questions and contempt with each passing hours until finally my husband arrived! I was so happy and relieved that the liar and my enemy would be put to shame. I plastered a smile on my face as we were asked to go meet the Officer in charge of our case in his office. I walked in to my happy husband's arms and waited for Xavier and Miss Esther to recount their miserable story. As each recounted their pitiful lies, so did my husband's arm unwind from me and when he was asked if he knew anything about what they had said he was dumbfounded.
Geez! What a graveyard scenario it was until finally he spoke and for the first time, I saw a different person from my Daniel. He attested to everything being true except the fact that Xavier was stolen by me and then he gave his account. His account was so pathetic that I gave his cheek a high five too. How could my Daniel have had an affair two years into our marriage and even put Miss Esther into the family way 3 days after I took in and as if that was not enough, he booked us into the same hospital but when my child could not survive, he then switched Miss Esther's child with my dead child.
How could he have done that with her permission but without mine? Disappointed and perplexed, I ran out of the office and drove my self home. I packed my bags and my kids and left the country. Leaving my lawyers to handle all the paper works for my divorce as I had rather live and raise my kids alone than with such a husband and to this day, I am glad I took that decision!

The End

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