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Dreams Do Come True By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 01/31/2018 09:58
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With the revving of the car, I knew it was dooms day for me...
I stood up immediately panting and sweating profusely as my husband kept asking ‘what's wrong honey’ and I was so stupefied to answer. A dream it was but fear had taken over me as I remembered that dreams do come true!
It was a Sunday morning and as I woke the kids for prayers, I couldn't stop shouting at the top of my voice as if God was my mate.
‘Lord let this dream not come true!’
My kids in their confusion made sure they were set for church before I could say Jack Robinson. As for my husband who knew me as a dare devil, he could tell that the dream had gotten to my marrow without being told and he tried to get me to narrate it but to no avail. We headed to church in a silent and tense atmosphere and I believe my kids were more scared than I was because in them, was a look of fear as they stare into my face.
I could hear them whisper amongst themselves as to if anyone had an inkling on what was wrong. My kids are very sensitive. They can sense a brewing case of anger between I and my husband no matter the sweet names we use in front of them in order to cover up issues bothering us, so this time they were glad it had nothing to do with their precious Dad though they couldn't tell who or what it was with.
Service was awesome and I worshipped, praised and prayed my heart out. I can remember when I gave my life to Christ as my Lord and Saviour but can't remember being so serious in Church like today. All eyes seemed to be on me as I answered Amen to everything the preacher said even to the ones that were rhetorical questions. I could feel my husband's and children's stare of disapproval and embarrassment but then I was too scared to be ashamed.
Service came to a close and I rushed to my Preacher's side for prayers. I am not a great fan of people worshipping or people praying for me, I am a personal prayer person as I believe that you are the only one who can tell your problems to God as 'the wearer of the shoes knows where it hurts'. After the prayers, the preacher's eye had the question on everyone's mind as no one dared to voice it but I skipped it as I couldn't mutter the strength to go into my dream mind again and I walked silently to my family who were impatiently waiting in the car.
As I sent in one leg into the car, my husband and kids bombarded me with questions of uncertainty which lurked in their minds since in the morning. All I could say was "everything is fine now" and as I said that, I could see a touch of relief on their faces and my kids resumed their chatter with each other though my husband and I were silent throughout the drive home.
Immediately we got home, I called EDEN to cancel our usual reservation for a Sunday dinner out and this time my husband couldn't take it anymore so he exploded like a concealed overheated gas. I was calm and careful not to fuel up his anger and with a kiss and his favorite dish of Afang Soup with Fufu it was settled.
My husband is the most understanding man on earth and sometimes I don't have to go into details for his approval. There are days I felt he would have succeeded greatly as a psychologist but being a Mechanical Engineer suited him just fine as his built acknowledged the career perfectly. At night after our night prayer which was extended with an extra 30 minutes of Kabashing, I went into the bedroom and pleaded with my husband to sleep on my side of the bed while I sleep on his. He agreed. I silently prayed that the dream does not locate me again.
A week passed nothing happened then I returned to my normal activities not until I got a note on my table that read ‘Dreams come true’. At first, I thought it was my friends' way of reminding me of our big project which we were few days away from hitting the jackpot not until a mailman came by with a letter which read;

Dear Mrs Daniel,
How have you been? And your family? I hope you know that "Dreams come true?" Hahahahhhah
Have a fun day.

As I read through the lines, I knew that the note wasn't my friend's handwork but then whose was it? How can someone play this kind of prank on me? As the minutes turn into hours, I kept hoping someone would come up to say ‘Tada, jokes on you’ but as hours walked slowly by, no one did that. When we closed at work, I made sure I wasn't the last to leave the office; an habit my husband had tried to stop me from but here was a total stranger doing it without a single sweat and as I walked passed my colleagues, I could feel them passing each other a surprise look.
Before stepping into my car, I made sure there was no note on and in it. Throughout my drive home, I was observant of every street, car and even passer by trying to figure out if my joker or traitor would pop up. I got home, met my kids watching TV in their rooms and as I walked passed each room, I could hear their greetings "Welcome Mummy" but I didn't utter any word because I was lost in my thoughts.
I got out of my clothes as if they were made of dirt. I showered and dressed up in a floral gown and walked to the patio with a plate of berries and a glass of water. I sat on one of the kids' swing and picked on the berries not paying attention to my surroundings as my inner mind wandered away. Few minutes later, I heard a car honk and I stood abruptly shattering the plate and the glass on the floor.
Immediately, I called the attention of the maid who looked perturbed by what she saw and went to the work of cleaning up the mess. I rushed to meet my husband half way into the house and I greeted him with a kiss and took his jacket with the Briefcase he had in his hand.
He looked too tired to be disturbed so after he had eaten, I massaged him to sleep. The next morning, I awoke to meet my husband dressed and ready for work without breakfast but I packed him some Sandwiches with a carton of juice. He left with the instructions that the driver take the kids to school while I call in sick at the office in other to rest. I was grateful to God for an understandable husband like Daniel. When the kids left for school with the driver, I scurried off to the bedroom to bath n get changed only to stare at a note stamped at my bathroom door; which read, "Dream and reality is a blink away".
I shuddered as I backed away from the door as if it were the enemy.


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