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Bachelors Of Doom By Charles F-yung

POSTED 01/08/2018 12:38
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We’ve seen them countless of times, the way they parade themselves as rulers of the city, how they go around luring those oblivious of their schemes to their doom, they claim they have all it takes to feed their cravings entrapping the most innocent in their snares. What a world, what workers of iniquity, Lord are we ever gonna stay clear from these demons? Lord are we?
Tunde was smart, intelligent, full of charisma and graced with an exceptional character. Such a sweet boy!! All he ever wanted was to get his grades, leave the four walls of this ramshackle university, get a job, settle down, maybe have some kids and last just sit awhile on the sofa and watch his dreams come true.
He wasn’t all that rich, in fact, he hailed from a peasant family of five, one whose parent could hardly afford a fair three-square-meal, talk more, a balanced diet - you could almost describe them as paupers. They worked their bones out just to make ends meet; they did all kind of jobs, some legal, others illicit, but all they did was so they could make it through each night.
Hardworking as they were, they never seemed to have a glimpse at success, everything just seemed to assume a stand-still position, things just didn’t get better, but they never relented, doing all within their hustle prowess to get Tunde’s tuition fee for his tertiary education.
Tunde wrote his exams and excelled in flying colors securing him an admission to study accounting, he had always loved the idea of being in charge of an accounting firm and avail himself of the things of money.
It’s Tunde’s second month as a student in the university, he’s earnestly seeking to ace those courses, be a first class student and an exceptional one at that, but , all this dreams came shattering just like a cup let down through some height, when he started keeping friends, the kind of friends momma warned us about. It all started when James walked into the room, freshman, good-looking and quite flamboyant in his appearance. He had only been admitted into the university and was given Tunde’s room as his accommodation.
This was only three months after James’ appearance and Tunde had already taken a liking for him, he loved the way he dressed the kind of phones he used, the kind of ladies he was accustomed to, everything about James just seemed to tickle Tunde’s fancy. Now all he wanted was to be like James, he just wanted to live in James’ kinda world.
“That’s cool, sure I’ll be coming with you” Tunde smiled as he accepted the invitation from James. Before now James had explained to Tunde, how easy it was for him to be a big boy, he said his parents were never rich and just like Tunde the world never showed him it’s pretty side, he had only become familiar with some friends who liberated his life and he would like Tunde to meet this friends of his at the party he had just invited Tunde to. Tunde felt elated, he was going to meet those who made James what he his now - a big boy.
The party was the thing, more like a demo to the kind of live Tunde craved for; the girls, drinks and the kind of guys he hung out with, this was it – all Tunde ever wanted.
They were all getting groovy when suddenly the music stopped. “It’s time “said the fierce looking guy. “Time for what?” Tunde thought, “Maybe time for more partying” he said.
“I said it’s time” said the fierce looking guy again, this time with a more stern expression.
By now Tunde’s face was puffed with confusion.
“Spider, where are the new recruits?” Mr. fierce-looking roared.
Tunde groaned “James? When did James have a change of name?”
He had a knife, a gun and a matchet wrapped by its handle with a red handkerchief.
“Great heavens!!!” Tunde exclaimed almost as loud as a whisper as he forced spittle down his pharynx, it had only become clear what the whole fuss was about - cult initiation proceedings.
Tunde’s head ached as he watched the initiators inflict injuries on their victims as they screamed from the excruciating pains. Now it was Tunde’s turn, Tunde felt a chill run down his spin, but he wasn’t going to let this happen, what about his parents, how would he relate the situation to them? What about his dream? What about his future? NO!!He wasn’t goanna let this happen. At this instance he decided just one thing – to run - he pulled away from the grip of the cultist and tried to make for the high-way, he was barely a meter off when he felt something pushing through his back side just after he heard a loud bang.
He fell to the ground, blood jetting through his side; he tried to get up, but felt his strength leave him. He lay on the ground reminiscing about all events that led to this. Just immediately his mind swooped to those he was about to leave behind; his parents, his academics, his future. Tears trickled down his cheek; he knew he’d lost all. He gave a loud sigh which was in succession to his last breath.
Savage things!! Pity on his parents, however are they going receive the news, grave pity on his future, bright as it was, all dimmed in a second all because he decided to take a minute ride with the devil’s incarnates – the bachelors of doom.

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