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Children’s Day By Felix-Joe Chibunkem

POSTED 05/27/2018 16:49:13
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"Ooh!! Doris Kedu your problem?" I lamented. "Why waking me by this time of the night?” I ignorantly continued.
"It's already 5.36 am. Let's go for morning prayers. Everybody is waiting for you" She said.
I quickly far-flung the chunky blanket I used to bulwark myself against mosquitoes that have brawny antennas. I dis-remembered to close up the windows yesterday night approving their coming for their dinner on my body. I checked the time and sleep-walked to the parlour just opposite my room.
"Austin, lead us in prayers" My mum said welcoming me into the prayer.
I hated that moment. That was the arch reason I didn't like prayers. I respect the fact that I'd say Amen in their order of breaks but telling me to pray, you do succeed in disfiguring my day.
"Erm...." I uttererd. "In Jesus name?" I continued making it look more like a question.
I started singing some jejune praises that made the rest of the house to sleep and that I normally do so as to piss everybody off and my mum will then tell Doris to finish the prayer.
After the morning tea as we called prayers, I dashed back to my boudoir to sleep a little before embarking on my looking-for-a-job pilgrimage. My sister banged my door at the time when my love (sleep) was near to rape me. I cursed her from within with all my might.
"Austin, please give me hundred and twenty naira so that I will use it and buy socks?"
"Socks kwa?" I said. "Do I look like mum or dad?"
She walked out in peace or in pieces. I didn't care to know. She has succeeded in stealing my sleep. I angrily went outside to enjoy the morning breeze as compensation to my stolen sleep.
Grabbing the corroded rails, looking outside, I saw a little girl of about nine, I guess, sprinting to mama Obinna's shop. I admired her dress. I was sure that it wasn't her school's uniform because she was in the same school with Doris my kid sister. Ask me the good vignette of dope, I will show you her dress. She ran out of the shop with a pair of white socks with a green line running round the upper layer of the socks.
"What's happening today?" I asked Doris who was looking for her Cortina.
"Today is our day and we're going for a match past at the Ekwueme Square" She said.
It then fell on me that it was Children's Day and that my already planned looking-for-a-job pilgrimage will be void today due to the fact that it is an automatic holiday.
A day a child wakes to the 147th day of the year with saliva drooling down the weak pillow.
A day she tells God's to bless her day and to make her happy.
A day she dashes out to buy a pair of socks taking alongside her Cortina to be polished by ndi Aboki.
A day she goes to the school so as to join her peers in the match past.
A day she swings her hands and flings her leg in a way I’m still practicing to do.
A day when she discovers that she's also celebrated.
A day she finds the fun in being a child and always wishes to be that same child.
At that moment I wished I could go back with the train of flash back to be a child, being pampared and always cared for and not being an unemployed graduate always fed with the "Austin your mates are working. Go get a job and earn a living" spices.
Seriously, when I was a child, I thought less. Go to school, come back and play, eat and sleep was all I cared for but now, wetin full man head plenty. "Austinnnn!!!" My mum cried out. I knew I was in for another dose of not getting a Job.
In Ay's words, "God destroy this world make everybody start again"
Happy Children's Day!

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