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Butterfly Love By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 02/14/2018 16:43:43
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A man is a character whose role has been scripted by fate. I've had series of breakups in recent times. If my life was to be a TV series, maybe the last would have been the tenth episode. Many have come and gone. My heart has become a destination where all these girls walk in and leave at their will. Leaving scars and the place broken like the walls of Jerusalem.
Janet the second to the last who left gave no reasonable excuse why she had to make herself one of those who treaded upon my weak heart. All she said was,
"I'm no more interested..." I couldn't fathom why she said so.
How could someone who just accepted to be mine say such within a month? I heard she'll be getting married to Samuel Francis a friend of mine back then in the college who happens to be the commissioner's son.
"Is love all about money?" I paused and asked myself when the news was broken to me by Ruth her friend.
If love was all about money then I wasn't meant to love nor to be loved because right now all I have is that old house my parent left behind before leaving to the other world, my books, old clothes, mattress, stove and plates.
23rd April, I can remember the date vividly. It was on a Tuesday evening, I found myself seated moodily at the verandah of the two rooms Dad had successfully erected. My eyes were a thick dark clouded heaven ready to wash the earth with its water.
"Johnny, why are you sitting so sorrowful as if one is dead? What is it?" Faith my neighbour's daughter who just turned 21 few months ago enquired about my mood.
This was almost the same feelings I had when I heard that mum was gone. I handed the paper in my hand to her and she read,

Dear Johnny,
Where do I begin from? I wish to go straight to point. I'll always have a special place for you in my heart as a friend. Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me.
It pains me to say this but I have to. My love for you has faded away.
I know you love me and would do anything for me and I appreciate that, but, I can't remain in a relationship where love is no more mutual. I'm sorry you have to move on and meet someone who shall love you the way you deserve to be loved. I hope you can forgive me for the pains caused. Fondly,

After going through the heartbreaking piece, tears rolled down her fair skinned cheeks.
"I'm sorry for this. You don't have to think again. God knows best..." she tried to strengthen me with a soft toned voice.
Faith had always been so caring to me before this but I was never concerned.
Days later, as we sat together under the orange tree in front of her house chatting, my eyes ran into hers, we looked into our eyes without a blink for few seconds. I felt my heart do a few back flips.
Magically, we got our fingers interlocked. How this happened remains a mystery to me.
The love that I seek for many years was right beside me, yet I could not feel it.
Later in the day, 7.16pm, I received a text from her which read,
"I've fallen in love with you. Yes, I’ve made up my mind for you..."
When I saw this I smiled and never hesitated replying her,
"Sweetheart you came into my life when it was stormy, and stilled it with your love. You're so heaven sent. I needed you like air and you breezily came to me. I vow to you my love and my heart. I shall love you as long as life permits.
I hope we'll still be in love in heaven".


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