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Buried In The Sands Of Hope By David Antia

POSTED 07/24/2018 13:17
17755 Reads Buried In The Sands Of Hope By David Antia, Story on Tushstories
The cool breeze of the evening and the sweet smelling flowers were all nature’s way of comforting Madam Salomie who often got bended by the winds of complain gracefully broadcasted by her in-laws who already condemned her to die because of her unfruitfulness.
‘I thought a woman of God like her is supposed to have a child’ Mma (as she was fondly called) replied her only son who was already turning 48 but had no child.
In a dulcet tone Richard replied ‘Mum, she will put to birth’.
Richard was the eldest child of her mum and also the only son, he graduated as a medical Doctor and practiced for a very long time. He married early and made money more than most of his friends, people loved him because he was gentle, meek and intelligent. His friends fondly called him ‘Temple’ because he was always preaching to everyone that the body is the temple of God.
It’s been 25 years since he got married to Salomie, a first class Chemistry student from the University of Lagos. Salomie had a very good social milieu in her university days. Because of her intelligent performance at TV shows, she won the heart of many politicians who helped her rose to the position of a president of the Student’s Union Government by monetary support and good advises.
‘My son will be a judge’ Salomie explained, it was a happy moment for both Salomie and Richard as they took a tour through a thick forest...
‘Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!’ Richard motioned Salomie to stop as he got mesmerized by the humming sounds of a bee and they both laughed.
‘But I thought forest is supposed to signify fruitfulness’ he thought grasping some breath as he was already going emotional, ’your gloved tongue did hiss me into this madness’ he concluded in his mind as thought kept adding up in his mind. The great smiles disappeared from his face like a vapor giving birth to itself despite the steel womb of a kettle cover, he was already regretting that he got married to Salomie.
This may be because of pressure from friends and mum who wanted a grandchild. Salomie was a good wife, although she was confirmed in the hospital to be unable to give birth to a child, she still had hope that she will bring up her own child to become a judge of the federal high court. However things were becoming tough for her as her honey husband was gradually falling through the slippery valley of sexual promiscuity and deep alcoholism.
One day, Richard came back from work and Salomie as usual went with joy to untie the long rob on the neck.
‘Sweetheart, I love when you put on this brown shoes, your very step, with it, moisten my thigh’ Salomie said softly.
The husband was drunk muttered exasperatedly ‘you cram those words into mine ears against the stomach of my sense, and I shall be laid in the tomb of the barren, with close wombs which I paid for, but did not pray for.’
On hearing those words, Salomie threw herself to the floor and the ground had wished it were a womb and would not wait for more tears like flood to be fruitful. As the scene was still on a play, like the coming of an angel Salomie stood up from the floor only to cast a still grimace on a beautiful woman who was closing the door from behind.
‘Could this be a dream? I wish the answer be yes’, but Richard had already proposed to another lady.
Well, after three months of several quarrels and misunderstanding, Salomie was already emaciated because of worries and lack of care by her husband. At this time too, Richard had impregnate the new girlfriend who later gave birth to a fibroid. A freckled whelp shape-not honored with a human shape.
‘That is what you could successfully give birth to’ Richard told his girlfriend.
This time Salomie began begging him not to say words of hate to his girlfriend. But his groans could make wolves howl, and penetrate the breast of ever angry bears. His words were words of torments…Even his mum did not like the kind of person he was becoming. But could things change for him?
Well, one morning Salomie woke up with blood as leaky as an unstaunched wench, flowing from her body. When she rushed herself to the hospital the doctor told her she was pregnant. In the morning during dinner she decided to discuss with Richard what the Doctor said, but at first Richard expressed joy but thought within himself ‘hmmm, if the doctor who played her is a good one, let me enjoy his wit and down- to- earth comment’.
After seven months Salomie gave birth to Anderson, a bouncing baby boy with dimples in the face. Could it be the little boy was smiling in the womb? Richard became very happy and at this time Richard’s friend proposed to his girlfriend.
Anderson grew up and developed interest in welding but Salomie was not very okay with that so she took him to an English teacher in the Western Primary School, Ikeja. One day, when Anderson was rushing to go meet his dad in the house after his class, he stumbled on a rough sheet on the ground, the handwriting there looked like that of his mum. He took the paper and walked away. On reaching the town hall that led to his house he found so many people crying, the mum was dead. He wept.
Few days after the burial was done, he found the piece of paper he carried inside his uniform and on the paper was written.
‘My Son Anderson, the product of my hope shall be trained in the legal profession so that he will help bring justice to the poor and the rich, so that he will change the judiciary. He is the only hope I have got’ Salomie wrote this letter to give to the English teacher but on her way to visit the teacher, she got hit by a car, and the letter fell to the ground which Anderson discovered…
Anderson grew up and became a Judge…

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