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Bros J By Olatunji Triumph Tega

POSTED 04/05/2018 14:08:33
3831 Reads Bros J By Olatunji Triumph Tega, short story on Tushstories
"This only goes to corroborate my stand that the greatest story ever told is only the greatest story ever sold!" Buddha shouted across the Pantheon Hall.
Bros J just smirked knowingly and chuckled in glee.
"Na story you dey talk... Story for all of una."
Odin sighed and wondered which minds had produced this array of bickering divine beings. To think that he would have to spend eternity with them all...
Allah looked up from stirring the minds of some humans towards starting another Jihad and said to Buddha
"I don't know what you two are arguing about but I'm supporting you fully. This man is always winning things."
"See this wan, hin no sabi anything apart from to dey scatter place everywhere hin go... Anywhere wey dem carry hin name go, na soso trouble and kasala nai dey burst for the yard. Mecca, Uhud, Khandaq, Somnath in India, Nigeria, 1683 for Vienna and even for 1800. You nor dey tire for this thing? Abi you dey drink the blood?" Bros J spoke so softly, that even the air stopped to listen.
Allah just looked askance at him and turned his focus back to a certain Fulani settlement.
Ba'al shook his head and shouted in an enraged frame of mind.
"And when Elijah massacred my prophets, was that not an act of war! Tell me if that wasn't an act of war! What about the countless wars David fought under your blessings?"
Bros J looked across the Hall and raised his voice as he stood to his feet.
"E be like say you don dey get liver wey you nor get before abi? E be like say oblivion dey hungry you abi? Wetin make you enter my cabal? When everybody know say Isreal na my zone, why you kon try me that time? Shey you wan tell me say you no know say na those heathen nations dey attack my children fess? Nor make me vex oh. Mind yourself oh... Mind yourself! If una nor get better reason wey una go call session, I go like remind una say today na the day wey I scatter grave power... Wey I humiliate those mumu science and theories. Abeg... Chicken don dey ground. Make I go bless my people."
With that, Bros J left the session and went back to making the day beautiful for humans all over the world and in Nigeria to be particular.
"Let's face it! This guy beats us all hands down. Forget his annoying habit of reaching his roots into the language of every culture. You can't take it away from him." Indra smiled and nodded at Odin who chuckled knowingly in a rather malevolent manner.
Odin looked towards the skies where Thor was busy throwing his latest tantrum. He wanted a new chariot but the forges were quite harried with orders and delivery dates.
Suddenly he saw a flash of light on the horizon that meant some being from a different Pantheon had entered the Norse plane.
He lashed the reins to his chariot and streaked over to meet the newcomer.
It was Indra. He was astride a white elephant that seem entranced by the flora on the plains where Indra had landed.
Odin Highfather welcomed the Indian god with a warm clap on the back and began to walk towards the shade of some rock formation.
"Welcome... Welcome! I was beginning to think that you wouldn't make it, but I'm glad you're here."
"Odin! You underestimate the effects that giving us a way to get rid of the Jewish God's influence on the world would produce? You should know that this is the only thing the Pantheons have ever agreed on. Jesus and Christianity have too much power to be at ease. Soon they will wipe us out of existence by their sheer presence alone."
"Well... Have you decided on what to do yet? Are you going to raise Lucifer from hell and help him wage another war against Heaven's gate? Are you going to help in bringing Armageddon before it's time? This is the only thing that can really shake the Kingdom of Heaven. What do you say Indra?"
"Let's assist the devil."


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