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Best Val Ever! By Aniekan Andikan

POSTED 02/15/2018 13:29
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I love my job but yesterday, I did not feel very proud doing my job. Because of my skills, I've had a lot of opportunities to meet a lot of people; politicians, celebrities – I mean beautiful people and sometimes ugly people.
Earlier in the week, a popular actress had called our company and booked for a photographer to accompany her on a tour of motherless babies' home in the city as a way of celebrating Valentine's Day with the less privileged.
I was excited, I actually liked the actress and the fact that she was doing this made me like her even more. 10 o’clock in the morning, I was already at her place where we moved as an entourage in a convoy befitting a visiting president and off we went.
I didn't particularly like that we were moving in a convoy. Flaunting all your riches and glory in front of the poor looks to me like you are there to rub salt in their injury. I wondered why she had to pack all her village people to go and see the children of the state.
At further observations I realized that most of the people that came with her were bloggers and journalists and they rode in the van behind us. Since I was to capture all the moments, I was allowed to ride in the limo with her and her closest assistants.
"Whew! I am going to dominate the news today!" She declared "And for the first time, for a good reason" She added, beaming brightly with pride.
I was liking her less and less by the minute.
"A-G have you prepared the Instagram and Facebook posts?" She asked the dark small faced girl with big nerdy glasses that sat across us.
"Yes" She answered with a smile and went back to her iPad. I didn't know what she was doing.
"Gee, how about the trend?" He asked the fat guy that sat with the nerdy girl.
He looked up from his slim phone that had a bitten apple symbol at the back.
"Me and my team are ready to start the trend on Twitter" He said with his big tongue slurring the words.
Satisfied, she turned to me, "I hope you know your job, this one you are looking so innocent. Why did your boss send a girl? Don't you people have any handsome boys working in your company?"
I smiled despite the insult. I wanted to tell her that they went to do more important jobs but then I would be insulting myself too so I remained mute.
My like for her had diminished and was slowly replaced by the opposite feeling. She didn't care about the poor children, she was only going there to milk them for cheap popularity. I had to do something. She can't just use those poor children like that.
We arrived at the first motherless center.
"Okay people! Let’s get to work! Make me look good." She admonished before we stepped out of the limo.
I went to work with a double mind. I wasn’t sure whether to implement my plan or not but something happened and I couldn’t take it anymore.
After we were welcomed by an old woman who was the matron of the place, the actress was introduced to the children and the children, in their excitement to see a movie star live, right before their eyes, went into frenzy.
They were all over her and about her, hugging and touching. They were happy. I was taking shots of happy children and I was happy for them but when I turned to take shots of the actress, I found her expression to be that of total disgust.
She looked at the happy children playing about her the way a maid looks at the poe of a disabled aged person when she is emptying its contents.
I stopped shooting and went outside to delete all her pictures from my camera. Just as I deleted the last one she hurried out like she was being pursued by the devil and called on her entourage to leave. I entered they air conditioned limo and we were on our way to the next orphanage.
On our way, she kept on ranting about how smelly the children were and how she felt so dirty having to let them touch her. And then she announced that we were not visiting anymore places, that she was going home to bath. She was sure that the pictures I took were enough.
I was just laughing in my mind.
When we reached her place, she rushed off to have a long bath. We waited for over one hour before she finally came back out. The first thing she wanted to see was her pictures.
“Sorry ma… something was wrong with the memory card, so I lost the pictures I took.” I said with the most innocent face I could muster up.
“What! You mean I had to go through all that for nothing? You foolish girl! Get out of my house!” She thundered and pointed at the door. I carried my camera bag and left.
“God! This is the worst Val ever!” I heard her say just before I closed the door.
I smiled. She’s wrong, it was actually the best Val ever!

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