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Beaten By Blood By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 01/09/2018 08:58
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I am dead to many in the life before but alive to few today. How did it get to this? You may wonder. Here is my story!
Adriana Dickson is my name. I was the most popular girl during all my educational pursuit in life and this wasn't because I was beautiful but for the sake of brilliance and smartness. I was loved by all who needed help educationally from me and I was given the opportunity to be the President wherever need be and the Vice President whenever my gender was questioned.
I was the first among two children of my lovely parents, Mr. & Mrs. Dickson Young who were prestigious in their careers as mum served in a law firm while dad was a force man and they both fitted each other as the excelled beautifully in their field and also at home as parents. So it was not a surprise to many when I was the center of attention anywhere I went.
And oh my sister! She was also great. She went into Engineering and she was exceptional as she was not only academically excellent but also beautiful beyond human eyes. She was beauty with brains. To all who saw and encountered our family, we were an example to follow and prayer request's example of a perfect family.
My sister and I were like twins though she was more beautiful than I. We had almost all the same things and it was surprising to many when we made our choice of profession and university. And thanks to Dad and Mum, we had everything we ever wanted though we weren't the richest in the area. My best friend was my sister's best friend too. And when it came to boyfriends, my sister had them at her beg and call though I wasn't so lucky with guys maybe it's because I wasn't that beautiful, Lols.
My parents were so proud of us that they loved going to almost all the functions they attended with us at their tail as long as we were available. And it was during one of the function which I reluctantly followed during my Xmas visits since I didn't want to stay at home alone after my sister went to a party that I met Leo.
It started with, "Excuse me, is that seat taken? " to "Can I take you on a date if you don't mind?"
To me, it was one of those guys who wanted to have a date with the famous "Dickson Young's daughter" not until I discovered that He was visiting his parents in the environ for Xmas vacations too. He looked too real, handsome and romantic to be true and remember my sister was the peacock among us so when he asked for a third date and even started digging deep in his conversation with me that I jolted myself to reality and decided to go with the flow and I am glad I did. It wasn't until later in the New Year after the Xmas vacation that brought about our meeting that he asked me to meet his family.
Leo Jackson's family was beautiful just as mine. His parents and siblings were a replica of mine as per being receptive of me that I started calling his parents Dad and Mum immediately. I know you would think I was acting desperate but no! How can I not call them my Dad and Mum when they were so kind to me - a total stranger?
Few weeks after meeting his parents, he asked to meet mine and a day after that which was my birthday, he proposed to be my King Wow! What a birthday present! What a dream come true for as young girls, I and my sister had always wished to be proposed to on our birthday. It was a special day to me and my family since everyone was in attendance that day. My sister was almost happier than I was and it surprised me how my engagement meant so much to her. Our wedding was like that of a King and Queen and it looked so lovely like the fairies had planned it all their lives. On arrival at the church, my Dad walked me down the aisle and on reaching, he cried as he handed me over to my already tearful husband to be. We sang our vows amicably to each other in awe of all present.
Trust me, it was beautiful as I sang with my heart but towards the end, as we were about sharing our first kiss in the public, I heard ‘kpor!’ and the whole audience went into pandemonium as I slipped off my glittering Cinderella Silver heel and lay on my back as my floral white Victorian dress soaked to the colour of rose. I couldn't believe that instead of my matrimonial bed that I lay on the altar in my blood.
With my father's influence, I was rushed to the EU and later taken to the ICU but then my problem wasn't if I would survive but my revenge plan and so in collaboration with the doctors and management, I faked my death. You may think, she was heartless. Yes I was but I needed to know what I did wrong to deserve death on the day of every girls' and parents' dream.
To be frank with you, it wasn't easy but no path of choice in life is. The first month wasn't easy as I watched my parents, sister, best friend and almost husband deteriorated in sorrow. My ever lovely and lively parent, sister and husband became ghosts of themselves.
But my mind was made up and I couldn't back off now. When the doctors were asked to deliver my body for burial, they told my parents and all that cared to hear that I told them to dismember me immediately after I give up the ghost. They couldn't take that kindly so they sue the doctors to court but lost the case and this made them more sorrowful.
I had to change my name to Mariana but it wasn't easy getting use to the name myself. I changed my hairstyle, dress sense, make up, lifestyle you name it in order to fit into my new personality as a maid. I applied and was employed in my own house. My parent were so good to me as they always said that I reminded them of their daughter Adriana and on many occasions, I almost confessed whenever I met them lost in their thoughts. You may be wondering why I went back to my house as a maid anyways I missed my family so I needed the closure from them and I wanted to keep my image alive in their minds.
Six months after the incident, my sister came back with the news of being engaged to a young man and from her description, she sounded so much happy and in love and I was very happy for her. My parents now my boss, asked her to bring home the young man for their scrutiny the coming Sunday.
Sunday morning, I woke up very early with happiness for my sister as we prepared for the arrival of my sister's groom to be. My parents - boss, dressed in their simple but best clothes, same went for my sister and even we the maids were given the opportunity of owning new clothes due to the occasion.
At exactly 12noon, a car pulled up on our driveway and before I could get a glimpse of the groom to be, we were asked to go to the kitchen and bring in the meal for the visitor. I with other maids carried the different meals into the dining room and when I went in, my smile and plate of food shattered as sitting before everyone smiling from ear to ear was my Leo, my God sent Leo.
My God! How could this be? My boss, mum came to my aid asking me not to ruin the moment for my sister by embarrassing them. I went in with mixed feelings just to come out again to clean up my mess of shattered dishes only to be shattered myself with their words. I discovered that not only was I planned against by my parents, sister and husband to be but also that I was not their real daughter but my mum's sister's but even though I wasn't their daughter I was their blood!
Out of anger, I went into my dad's room pulled his shotgun and came back to tell them that I was alive and disappointed in them. As I pulled the trigger at every one of them, I could feel my heart in my throat as the emotions of hate, anger and revenge in Mariana conquered every good that Adriana ever had left in her.

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