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The Afterglow By Chibundu Ikedichim C.

POSTED 01/10/2018 14:18
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The sumptuous elegance of the neighborhood defined and displayed polished classiness. A large, impressive residential area with beautiful and well-groomed shrubbery. Also possessed one of the best thoroughfares in the entire city; broad, well-paved boulevards bordered by tall trees. A network of magnificent edifices in the confines of this environment made it appear more hallowed in the eyes of inhabitants of the city.
The accompanying quality amenities; steady power, water supply and reliable security, added more value to this estate. A place of abode only the deep-pocketed and opulent could afford to live in. Reveling in mansions behind their tall walls embellished with fancy lights. Folarin Balogun most definitely loved and relished this lavish lifestyle.
The tales of his expensive wedding ceremony still clung to the lips of people. He was lucky to tie the nuptial knots with his University girlfriend and the one true love of his life whom he would have a hard time living without. The beautiful and soft-spoken Tejumola, adored and coveted by other men. The match made in heaven, now blessed with four children - 3 girls and a boy, all born with silver spoons in their mouths.
Tolu, Folake, Shalewa, and Ayo were the apples of their eyes. Ayo most in particular. He was the most loved. Folarin and Teju, after the birth of the 3 girls, had spent 5 long years trying and praying to conceive a male child. When they had finally given up and settled for the idea of an adoption, Ayo paid them a surprise visit. He wasn't just named "Ayo" for the mere fun of it. He truly brought Joy into the Balogun family. Pampered from his cradle years till his present adolescent age; a privilege his elder siblings never got to fully enjoy. They grew enormously envious of him by the day, but, there was absolutely nothing they could possibly do about it.
Folarin had just purchased a house in the estate - one of the best structures in the neighborhood, worth hundreds of millions. From his bachelorhood days, he worked as a Chemical Engineer for a flourishing multinational Oil Company - one that made more of gains than losses. He had just been appointed to be their national Managing Director; a position that came with a myriad of zeroes too much for one bank account. The surprising news was warmly welcomed just a week after he had acquired the posh house. This called for massive celebration; one for the record books. Attendance was strictly by invitation, and also the highly privileged few the children deemed fit to invite. Tireless preparation was already in motion. A popular music artiste - Teju's favorite, had already been booked.
Decorations were ongoing on the vast expanse of land downstairs - perfectly overlaid with interlocking stones. Chairs and temporary marquees were being put in place. Folarin satisfactorily watched the event planners from the verandah upstairs, slowly sipping his choice Champagne from a flute. The three girls were tied-up with helping their Mom assist the caterers prepare multifarious dishes. The food service was planned to be an informal one - buffet. All hands - excluding Ayo's, were on deck or at least busy with something pertaining to the grandeur bash. Ayo was angry with his father. Folarin had promised to send him overseas for his tertiary education after he must have rounded up his secondary school education with an excellent result. Beyond everyone's wildest expectations, Ayo came out in flying colors, acing his WASSCE with 6 As and 3 Bs. Turns out, the excessive molly cobbling didn't affect his brain. His overjoyed father gladly gifted him an "Infiniti FX35" jeep for his success. Plans for his travel were on course just before Teju suddenly changed her mind and valiantly started kicking against it.
The title - "woman-wrapper" was Folarin's new identity in Ayo's mind for considering and being advertent to his mother's opinion. Teju had had deep thoughts about his travelling and couldn't stomach the feeling of being without her only son. Folarin saw grave sense in her suggestion and in no time, threw his support behind her. All travel plans were reverted, the decision was made for him. He was going to study any course of his choice in a private tertiary institution here in Lagos. That was another reason why Ayo was more infuriated. By any means, he wanted to be very distant from home and the country if possible. He totally regretted putting in extra hours of study time to pass his secondary school final exams; he was motivated by his father's promise.
This fateful day was the perfect for Ayo to unleash his vendetta. He knew how important this party was to his father and the huge amount of money that had been sank into its preparations. He was resolved to boycott it. While others got busy with the party preparations, he was getting ready to leave the house. After a snappy shower, he got dressed in some causal designer T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans with a pair of squeaky clean white Vans sneakers on his feet. He picked up his car keys, threw some shades on and stole out of the house. Walked briskly and sullenly past the event planners that tried to greet as he trotted to the garage.
"And where do you think you are going??!" Shouted Folarin, infuriatingly. Looking down at Ayo in anger.
Ayo sluggishly turned his head up, flashing his unfazed eyes that peered through the shades at his father. He meant to snub him when common sense whispered: "Don't display that utter disrespect in front of these strangers, silly!"
"I'm going to see someone," he replied in a faint tone, bringing down his head and walking blithely toward his ride.
"Rasheed, you open that gate, you're sacked!" Folarin barked, whilst pointing at the gateman, who shook with a rattling feeling of fear as he quickly proceeded to bolt the locks on the gate.
The event planners were aghast, watching keenly with eager eyes, as the astounding family theatrics unfolded. Folarin's shrill voice coupled with the sound from the revving engine of Ayo's car speedily invited Teju's attention as she ran out to join her husband at the balcony. Ayo's three sisters were anxious to feed their eyes but she chased them back.
"Honey, what's going on?" Asked Teju, in a distressed tone.
"Just look at how your son is disgracing me! No! Just look at him!!" Folarin shouted, in a surly tone, pointing down to Ayo as he angrily stormed inside.
"Rasheed, you know say you be my guy," Ayo said, trying to convince the gateman to leave the gate in peace.
"Oga Ayo I sorry but your papa say make I no open gate, I no wan make him sack me, job I no dey kwata kwata!" Replied the terrified gateman, waving both hands.
"Ayomide!! Listen to me! Please come upstairs this minute!" Teju interposed, beckoning to Ayo, with a soft stern look on her face that begged for pity. Ayo looked up, took off his shades. Seeing that look on her face always had an inexplicable effect on him. He never went diametric to his dear mother's instruction. He had a soft spot for her in his exuberant and stubborn heart; no matter how bad she got on his nerves. But, this time, he was almost impervious to that effect. He wanted to get back at his father and was only sad she was caught in the cross hairs. Without saying a word, he put his shades back on, scurried to the gate and unlocked it after a little scuffle with Rasheed. Hopped into his ride and drove out.
"And what are you all still moping at?!" Teju snarled, yelling at the gossip-hungry event planners. They quickly comported and returned their eyes to their duties.
Ayo's phone rang ceaselessly as he steered down the street. Teju was resolute to bombard his phone with calls till he picked up. He unpleasantly pulled over, too irritated to speak to anyone from home, he composed a seemingly pacifying text message and sent to his mother before switching off his phone. He continued welling through the broad street with his compass set for a popular cinema in the next town - where he intended to spend the whole day.
Making another turn, he suddenly felt impelled to make a stop at his best friend's house. Adekunle or Kunle as he was fondly called, lived in the former estate where Ayo and his family had just relocated from. Kunle and Ayo quickly became neighborhood besties; they played and watched football together, and, most times, chased girls together for the fun of it. Distance put a wedge between them for some months since Ayo's family moved out. They managed to keep in touch regardless; all thanks to social media. Ayo didn't feel the need to call; he wanted to pay Kunle a surprise visit, one that would brighten up his day - so he thought.
Parked and turned off the car engine at the front gate that lead into Kunle's family's compound. All things being equal, he would honk his horn at the gate but there was absolutely no need messing up a surprise. He gently got down and quietly closed the car door, so as not to make a noise that would attract attention. Walked to the gate and made a fist. There was no answer. His knuckles met the gate yet again, this time with a slight bang.
"Hold on, I'm coming!" Said the soft, sleepy voice coming from the other side.
Ayo was stunned a bit. "That surely can't be Kunle's voice," he wondered. He shrugged and stood in patience as the sound of the footsteps from the other side drew closer to the gate.
"Who please?" The voice questioned.
"It's me," answered Ayo.
"You, who?!" Inquired the voice again, tiresomely.
"Ah-ahn? It's Ayo! Is my voice that strange?" Ayo answered; a tad surprised.
He quickly comported, pulled and straightened his shirt as the gate locks were being worked on.
"My God! Ayo is that you?! Damn! You've grown bigger! Look at his beards! And wait, is that your ride?" Simisola cried, with surprise boldly written on her face as she opened the gate whilst pointing to Ayo's car.
Ayo was completely thrown off balance. He wasn't expecting Kunle's elder sister to be home. The sheer crop top she had on wasn't helping matters either. "Hey! Simi! Long time! I didn't even recognize your voice! Thought you were supposed to be on your Youth Service? And, erm... Yeah, that's my ride.” He answered, forcing a smile.
"Can you imagine? Ayomide Balogun now owns a car o! Big boy!! Oh, and yeah, I passed out last week. Came back home last night. Been sleeping all day!" She answered, rather cheerfully.
"You want it parked outside? You can drive in if you want. The garage is free." She continued.
"Erm... Don't bother, I only wanted to breeze in. Is Kunle around?" Ayo asked, in a worrisome tone, still trying to avoid looking at her big breasts that were about to tumble out of the translucent tight top.
"No, he just stepped out to renew the subscription for the cable TV. He'll be back in about 15 minutes. I'm sure you can wait, you can't just drive all the way down here and burn your fuel for nothing in this recession. C'mon!" She said, convincingly, motioning with her hands for Ayo to enter the compound.
"Yeah, I guess 15 minutes is not that much after all. I'll wait." Replied Ayo, as he walked through the gate.
Simisola locked the gate and kindly asked Ayo to make his way into the house with her.
"Ladies first." Ayo teased.
"Oh, please! Don't try to play 'perfect gentleman' cos, if I had a dollar for every time that was said to me, I'd own my own place by now." She jokingly retorted.
They laughed, almost harmoniously as they walked inside. Has this always been this big? Ayo wondered as he laboured his eyes to stay off her backside.
"So, what do I owe this pleasure?" Asked Simisola, with a charming smile.
"Don't be like this now, that you haven't seen me in almost a year doesn't make me an automatic stranger." Ayo answered, shyly.
"That one is your problem, you're not leaving this place without tasting something. Know what? I'll get you a canned Coke, you can whet your appetite with that while I make you some noodles. And mind you, no one turns down my noodles!" She replied, with a mocking stern look on her face as she walked to the refrigerator.
"Nah, please, don't bother with the Coke. I'd rather wait for the 'world class' noodles to be done." Ayo retorted.
"Oh, okay. Lemme get to it then." Replied Simisola, courteously and with a smile as she made for the kitchen.
Ayo busied himself with a football game on his phone as he waited for the food to be ready. Few minutes slipped by, he was eagerly expecting the aroma of the food to sneak out of the kitchen so he could start judging her cooking skills already. There was no aroma, he shrugged and continued gaming. He was almost lost in the game when out of the blue he heard Simisola scream on top of her lungs.
"Ayo! Ayo!! Ayo!!!" She exclaimed, in a very troubled tone.
Ayo was bewildered and frightened all at once. He impulsively sprang up from the couch where he was seated and ran toward the kitchen. On getting to the kitchen door, he twisted the knob in a curious attempt to get in. The door wasn't opening; it had been locked from inside. He could hear her heavy and laboured breathing from the other side of the door. He was deeply disturbed and immediately started banging on the door.
"Jesus! Simi, can you hear me? What's going on? Can you make it to the door? Are you hurt?" He questioned randomly, in a worried tone. Beads of sweat streamed down his apprehensive face.
"No!! She can't die on my watch!" He muttered under his breath as he went to grab a wooden stool in the living room to break down the door. He rushed back with the stool in his hand and just as he was about to land the first hit, he heard the door unlock. Pulsating with anxiety, he quickly rushed and opened the door. His eyes met the most shocking sight of his entire life. Simisola was standing fully naked. Her crop top, bum shorts and underwear were littered on the kitchen floor. The stool in his hand freely fell off, breaking a leg as it hit the ground. He stood, jaw-dropped and unable to move a muscle.
She moved seductively toward him, without uttering a word. Stroked his beards and started working on his belt. He stood there and watched in complete helplessness like a sheep being taken to the slaughter. She proceeded to plant a moist kiss on his lips as his ripped jeans fell to the ground. The kiss instilled a ravaging vigour in his libido as he quickly grabbed her by the waist and sat her on the chopping table. With too many emotions coursing through his horny veins, he pounded her to oblivion.
Finally, the moment came. The moment they became one with nature. And, like a timer was set, they both came together; so hard they thought there was an earthquake happening right there in the kitchen. Ayo came back to his senses as he was still learning to breathe again. He ashamedly pulled his briefs and jeans up and quickly walked out as he avoided looking at her smiling face. She hurriedly got dressed and chased after him. Called out his name and got no response.
"Ayo, can you just..."
"Please, tell your brother I came by." Ayo coldly cut in before she could finish her statement.
He stormed out, banging the gate behind him and entered his car. Quickly turned on the Air Conditioner and started reversing. He had mixed feelings about what just happened. He turned on the car stereo and played loud music, hoping to distract and keep his brain from over-thinking. He was almost getting to end of the street when he spotted Kunle in a cab taking him home. He didn't bother stopping, his slutty sister would inform him of his visit anyway - so he thought. A few metres had been covered and he started feeling hot. He turned up the A/C, yet, his sweat glands were hell bent on going rogue on normalcy. He pulled over and winded down for natural ventilation. As the sweating reduced drastically, a sudden itch took over. Spreading all over his body like a connected circuit. He looked out of his car window and sighted a big pharmacy store. "There must be something in there that can stop this," he thought.
He rapidly got down from his car, still scratching as he crossed the road to get to the pharmacy. He felt a lot of hands tickling from all angles as he walked into the store. He laughed and scratched simultaneously. All eyes were fixed on him as he got to the counter.
"Sir, I don't know what is happening to me. My whole body just started itching. And I feel ticklish too." He complained, laughingly.
The man behind the counter came close to him and whispered;
"Did you just have sex with someone?" Inquiring in a low tone.
Ayo looked surprised and didn't answer.
"I'm asking you because a young man also came here last night, complaining of this same thing. He was scared and told me in confidence that he had sexual intercourse with a girl, and that he was okay before sleeping with her." The man continued.
"And what later happened to him?" Ayo inquisitively questioned as he took off his shirt and laughed heartily.
The man pleaded with some young boys around to gently drag him out, just in time before he could take off his jeans. He laughed and scratched furiously as he was being pushed out of the pharmacy store. He stood outside, looked around, smiled and then looked down.
"What is my boxers still doing on me?" He wondered.
He briskly took it off and jumped merrily into the street, whistling as he ran.

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