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Fog (Chapter 1) By Chuks Obinna

The Supreme leader, Pok Mak Loho, stood in his large chambers watching the orange sun as it began its decent. He was not alone. The elders of his council each sat quietly in their seats; all eight of them.
He turned around and faced them.
"Let the cleansing begin."
The elders began to whisper among themselves. One of the elders stood up and bowed. He was the chief elder; considered the wisest.
"But Supreme Leader, don't you think..."
The Supreme Leader held his hand up.
"Let the cleansing begin. No excuses."
The elder bowed even lower. He turned to leave the chambers, a look of worry over his face.


The Cleansing happened every year. It was the practice of sorting; eliminating the abominations from the normal folks.
The abominations in this case were what the people called Dreamers. A Dreamer had the ability to live dreams. A normal person would sleep and have dreams, but a Dreamer could live his dreams; literally experience them. The Dreamer usually felt conscious as the dream played out. It was a strange power and most people, even the Dreamers, didn't understand it.
Three huge Hoverjets circled around the sky and docked at the border. The Hoverjets were like airplanes, but bigger and with large rotors.
The huge doors of the hoverjets fell open and Soldiers began spilling out of it.
The Soldiers were there to 'fish' out any Dreamer. They would take the Dreamer back to the Tower where the main cleansing would take place.
Finding a Dreamer could be sometimes tricky. So, each group of four Soldiers carried a detector; a device that sensed the essence of dreams. Every human had an essence of dreams, but it trailed off a few minutes after waking up. A Dreamer, on the other hand, reeked of the essence.
It was advised that on days of cleansing, people should refrain from sleeping.
The days of Cleansing were fearful days indeed because most Parents had no idea if their children were dreamers. Even most Dreamers had no idea they had the ability.
The Soldiers began to march into the village. The windows and doors of each house were locked with the members of each household waiting for the knock and dreading that one of them could be a Dreamer.
The night was quiet now, and in a few minutes would be disturbed by the wailing of mothers whose children were being dragged away.
That was usually the sign that the cleansing had begun.

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