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Insomnia (Chapter 13) By Chuks Obinna

95 Reads

I saw Felix the moment I stepped into the office. I saw him because he literally ran up to me.
"You're early, it's eight a.m. Boss...continue

Fog (Chapter 13) By Chuks Obinna

335 Reads

"Thirteen...fourteen, plus me fifteen." The seventeen year old paused and thought for a while, "Weren't we seventeen in...continue

Bard Kingdom By Chinemerem Achinivu

359 Reads

Scene one

Outside a red thatched hut....continue

Secret Betrayal (Episode 18) By Uduakobong Clement

957 Reads

Life after the wedding day saga felt so rosy and aroused the concretization of the...continue

Daddy By Aniekan Andikan

1105 Reads

“Daddy?” She called as she slid down the bed, grabbing her bra that was lying like it was abandoned at the foot-side of the bed...continue

Twisted (Chapter 6) By Faithlyn Williams

1699 Reads

Olivia continued to drift through unreal clouds. At first, she was caught up in its pure beauty and radiance, then she saw a man smiling...continue

Professor Trigonometry By Chinemerem Achinivu

880 Reads

Scene one

Vision reaches Chudi Ekwueme lecture....continue

Cooking Pot Antics By Damilola Koya

533 Reads

You love her. But you love her cooking more. Sweet Jesus. There is not a dish she cannot prepare. At the end of every dish...continue

Insomnia (Chapter 12) By Chuks Obinna

443 Reads

I'd always found it difficult to fall asleep at night. Tonight was worse. I lay on my back, literally staring at the ceiling. The fan...continue

Fog (Chapter 12) By Chuks Obinna

661 Reads

"Slow down, Kari." He yelled as he watched his son run across the hillside, towards the mountains...continue

Fierce (Chapter 18) By Paula Oko

1339 Reads

In April, the twins turned four and to celebrate them, she threw a The Pirates of the Caribbean themed party...continue

The Woman She Gave Adam By N.N Emmanuels

1803 Reads

Magically, literally, Aunt cooks love. She cooks it in the plate of fried pancakes and hot tea...continue

Secret Betrayal (Episode 17) By Uduakobong Clement

1797 Reads

We'd hardly talked to each other on our way home. My tongue was tied and I...continue

Twisted (Chapter 5) By Faithlyn Williams

2965 Reads

Aiden grinned at her while pretending to ponder it. "Gee! That’s a tough one. Don't tell me that you're jealous?" She gave him an...continue

Insomnia (Chapter 11) By Chuks Obinna

1499 Reads

The movie turned out to be nice. Very nice, actually. It was unrealistic, for sure, then again all romance books and movies were. But...continue

My Wifey By Aniekan Andikan

2017 Reads

If you had a wife like mine, you probably wouldn’t be able to leave the house even for one minute each day. She's the most fun-filled...continue

Fog (Chapter 11) By Chuks Obinna

635 Reads

The final phase of the cleansing was set to begin in a few hours. There really wasn't any ritual involved in it except that the Dreamers...continue

Tête-à-tête With Justina By Illah Michael Ojodomo

1053 Reads

Show me that grown up, whom once upon a time, didn't have shivers sent down his/her...continue

Fierce (Chapter 17) By Paula Oko

2531 Reads

Ehi stepped out of the motor home given to her to use while filming. She was currently filming scenes for an action film called The...continue

Secret Betrayal (Episode 16) By Uduakobong Clement

2655 Reads

"Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish...continue

Twisted (Chapter 4) By Faithlyn Williams

2767 Reads

Olivia followed Aiden up the porch steps of his apartment and waited while he fitted his key in the lock. "You'll be safe here," he said as...continue