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Why Was I Jailed? By Olowo Qudus

POSTED 09/01/2018 15:13
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(Dedicated to all blacks in the world who suffered racism)

I was kept
In a silent of dark hole
Of no offence,
In covenant with hungry rodents
And bad stenches of worms
For no offence,
Oh no!
Where is my freedom?
Where is my dignity?
Where is my justice?
After all, it wasn’t my fault
I had to do what I had to do!
But Mr!
Your offspring hovers in happiness
With extravagant garments
Of joy
Filling mine with
Sorrow of color!
Is it a crime or what?
I mean!
A crime to you towards we!
My cold hands
Are joined in pleads
Of dark-gated
Dungeons, where I only see
Nothing but humans
Of black order
Why I or why we?
The world is a space
For every creature and race
But still why was I jailed?
They say ‘you are all criminals
Monkeys with no borders
Mediocre of no limit
Fools of no degree
Paupers of no shame’
But still why was I jailed?
I need answers!
I mean answers!
Yes, I know
Yes, I now understand
I am a Negro
A man of no importance
A creature of dirty hood
A man with that black-dirty skin
Please! All I need is freedom
I already agree to fault
I am no relevance
In your white society
So! Grant me freedom…

I swear, I heard last night
Mother has being crying all dayv And dirty night
Missing my help and dignity
O! Lonely black woman
Who must solemnly
Breathe in this life
Of color torture?
But sir! I want to go home!
Yes! I mean home

My father…
O! No poor old black
He died of stroke
Stroke of negligence,
He suffered a tormentv Of no bargain
But still why was I jailed?
I hope you will help
Giving me answers

It was the creator
Not me, who made we black
Yes sir! You can say
‘Apes obey’
Yes we will!
Just grant me freedom
I still don’t know
Why was I jailed?

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