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Why I Chose Delilah By Okeke Onyedika Prezide

POSTED 02/12/2018 16:05
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Drum-beats by a strange tongue,
Drums from four corners of the heart
Through the rhythm of cold footsteps walking around my body.
It is love; daughter of the muscle earth.

This is not my belief:
Two hands place against each other with a mild paint
pounding slowly with a lump in the throat of a dying man
For saying that love is a footprint by unknown foot.

What comes to your mind when you see red colour
After losing hairs through cuts by weak fingers?
I mean when you pulled open your dress and found nakedness,
Darkness turning into light by separating your lips and says,
"Don't fall in love."

This is why I chose Delilah:
A deliverer's hair grows on my skin
For calling Job to read my father's biography,
I mean walking about cemeteries with red and white background
And flowers on the hand.
Tears drowning a lonely boy for saying Amen.
I tell you, red symbolise hearts
Emitting white flames for saying love,
For remembering the name of a dead prince – Valentine


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