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When Will I Become A Man? By Adekunle Adeniyi

POSTED 08/08/2018 14:37
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When will my childhood habits be buried in the muds of maturity?
When will I be the person who don't need external restrain to be sane?
When will I build the force of manhood that commands respect from young ladies?
When will my childish past stop pacing my growth into adulthood?

What will I do to win God's trust?
What will I do to tell life am not a product of biological mistake?
What will I do to convince my parents that I’m now strong enough to dive into the turbulent waters of life?
What will I do to make my friends to trust me with precious things in their lives?

Do I have to construct deathbeds for innocent men?
Do I have to be king of the one-night-stands?
Do I have to have the wealth that can buy the sun?
Do I have to wait till my hair turn grey before I can be called a man?

How many problems will I solve?
How many miles will I walk?
How many books do I have to read?
How many ladies will I make women for people to see that I am now a man?

I sought for answer to be a man. I was told I need
Intimacy. With who? God?
To romanticize wisdom. What is wisdom?
To accept responsibility. Over what? Myself?
Visions and dreams. How can I get that?
What do I need to do to become a man? I need answers.

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