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When A Girl's In Love By Ruth Lawrence

POSTED 03/15/2018 15:26
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The sky was bright and the sun was glowing
The pretty Columbus glittering in its far distance
While the birds chirped among the leaves from the heat of the sun.
I was wondering what the day might bring,
What does May think of me?
Will he love this dress?
Does he like it when am on makeup or not?
Will he feel pestered seeing me around?
No! Definitely not, he called me to see him.
Should I see him now or in the evening?
Will he be reading or resting?
Oh my God, I need to be in my best.

I walked gallantly into the open room,
I Waite patiently for the One I love
I watched as the time ticked "Tick Tock"
I felt I couldn't wait any longer
Boiled with anger and disappointment
I stood up to leave, but here comes he,
Walking briskly with his files in hands.
I could feel the bold scent of he's cloth
I was red with anger but he's sight calmed it all.
"You!” I cried out in pretense "you kept me waiting"
"I’m sorry, my apologies please" he gibbered but
I didn’t want to look at those bold smiles
Least my lips give me away.
"Apology not accepted." I prattled.
But one kiss solved everything.
"What! He kissed me!" Wow, I could feel the butterfly.
Playing hide and seek in my stomach
"Now apology accepted?" he asked
But all I could do was just to stare.

"Are you okay?" he called
"Sure, am pretty alright" I gibbered.
"Feel at home" he said, having a glance at his file.
"What? Can’t he see me?" I stared looking confused.
"Why are men like this?” I pondered
Always serious and straight forward
"Is there no love or romance in their dictionary?"
"Why Can't they have a little time showing their love?"
I dressed all these expensive just to please him
But here he is busy with his files,
Some men are really mean.
"Can't he show some admiration?"
"Didn't he see my cute dress or my new hair style?"

"May!" I yell out.
"What, love?" he got startled
"I’m leaving, so you could have much time for your books"v "Oh, thanks love" he said "I’m having an exam tomorrow"
"What" I whispered more to myself much perplexed by his words.
"You must be crazy for calling me out" I banged the door out.

"A man acts that way only if he doesn't love you"
Those were my mum’s words running through my head.
"No, May loves me" I tried to convince myself.
"Waite Laura, once we're through schooling
And I’m financially stable we can spend the whole time
In the world" May once told me
But what does he know about love?
Every night I think of him, does he know that?
Eight times we've broken up eight times we've reconciled
This should be the ninth time but...
May's right, the best to do is to wait till the right time
But you can't blame me,
Because when a girl's in love, she definitely can do anything
To keep her lover, so, I’m a girl in love.

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