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What I Am By Faithlyn Willams

POSTED 01/09/2018 08:55
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I am an ocean
You know me not by my surface
But a leap into my unending depths would drown your soul.
I am a sharp edge with a deadly point
You may watch me from a distance
But a knowledge of my secrets and thoughts would be your death.

I am not my past
Nor the tears of a battered soul
I am a raging storm
that stirs the wildest seas.

I am not crushed or broken
I break and crush
I am the frozen winter wind
I bend to no one's will.

I am fury unleashed
Boiling with undiluted rage
Hot as lava
Even the dragons can't contend.
I am a shower of needles
Full-fanged on a lethal mission
My ends are an explosive barrage of red
And a splattered crimson blood of my enemies.

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