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Ween So I Could Win By Aniagu Grace

POSTED 04/19/2018 16:14
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Ween o’mind ween
Go through the earth and ponder over
The worldly deeds that will cause your heart glee
For from you o’mind comes the strength of a mover
Ride on in your wishes and relent not in your doubts
For doubts glares us to truths
And with the truth our hearts enriches
Making every part of you become greenish
And green is the life that is rich as rich
Ween through the moon and get the month right
Then travel by the sun and slow the night
Come to me in the morn so I see my star
For you o’mind determines my fate
And when doubt is resolved I regain my faith
To uphold and trust whate’er is right
To live my dreams without regret
To keep in mind the future is bright
Ween through the earth that I may write
As though I’ve travelled a nine planet
And like I’ve got the high I-Quotient
Ween mind to convince my heart
To go to places I long desire
To speak the words I see as true
In beautiful lines without a grue
Ween to help me discern the hue
The lines of the vain with color blue
Ween just so I would know all wrongs and rights
So I would have to make my choice
Not minding what be the success chance
Ween to keep my soul alert
That I will reap whate’er I sow
Even in better times or worse
Ween so I will have my peace
Ween just so my heart will ponder
On the teachings that make me wonder
Just so I don’t blab and commit blunder
So you could get my tongue ceased
For my tongue alone will get myself imprisoned
Not for what I did but for what my tongue caused
Ween just so you could guard me right
And at my life’s end ween so my soul could WIN

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