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We Are The Bastards By Zubie-Okolo Ganiru

POSTED 03/12/2018 16:45
2775 Reads We Are The Bastards By Zubie-Okolo Ganiru, Poetry on Tushstories
Cut not born,
They say we are not normal,
We've lived before,
We live to die,
Death speaks on our behalf,
We are benefactors of something supernatural.
Life is our enemy,
In it we are silent.
In death we succeed,
In death we scream.
Our lives are mirages,
Seen from a distance,
Felt at hell's gate.
We are the bastards,
The ones that live in your nightmares,
Put fear in your bones,
Feed you with pain.
We are the bastards,
You hear us call?
Yes, we call.
We knock on the door of your heart,
We call on you to open the door,
With bloody hands we reach out for your hearts,
We reach out to make them ours.
We are the bastards,
The ones that make your déjà vu present,
The ones that haunt your past, present and future,
Your unborn future lies in our hands,
We stain everything.
Coated in divine white yet as deadly as the mambas venom,
Sealed with soft words yet killers of the soul.
Patronize us and live forever,
Forever in our world.
Can't you see the signs have blood written all over it?
Can't you see we are here for you?
We are the bastards,
We control your actions,
The very reason we live is to taunt you,
Make you feel devoid of self and confidence too,
In street corners, we pursue women unclad,
We throw men into bar fights and we’re glad.
Look beyond what you see,
There may be something bigger,
The witches’ coven is our playground,
Delight in something evil,
Glory in thick darkness.
Thoughtful but bitter actions we display,
Crass wickedness in full array,
With flames of darkness, we torment,
To keep you weary beyond this moment.
Bastards don’t talk, we shout,
Even in times of glee, we can’t close our mouths,
Our mantra upon your heart is written,
On a cold day like sore numbness smitten
Yes! It’s us!
Yes! We are the bastards.

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