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The Virtuous Woman By Aniebiet Effiong

POSTED 9/23/2017 19:35
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Many Years Ago,
A Beautiful damsel Was born
Into The Earth.
Her birth brought great mirth.

Her Beauty Is Incomparable
Her Elegance Is Undeniable
She is the desire of all men in the neighbourhood

One, Two, Three, She Grew
Into A Lady whose heart is Pure
Ladened With The Fear Of God
For She Was Named After God

She Is A Tree Planted By The Riverside
Who Grows And Flourishes In Time And Tide.
A Tree That Produces Even In Times Of Hardship
She Feeds Like A Shepherd Feeding The Sheep

She is a mother of great children
who suffers not her children to starve
For a home of food she is
Her children in turn treats her with respect and honour.

She is a home of accommodating
Void of fight, strife, and war
But embraces love and harmony
She despises not and discriminates not but accepts strangers with love
Love, Peace and unity are her watchwords
She scorns not the needy
But meets their need, for she is not greedy

She said her best colour is orange
For she is hardworking, industrious,
sociable, hospitable, and adventurous.

Yesterday she was twenty nine
Today she is thirty

Happy birthday to the land of promise!
Happy birthday Akwa Abasi Ibom State!

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