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Victim By Olowo Qudus

POSTED 10/08/2018 14:57
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(Dedicated to all victims of rape)

Gentle soul,
flourishing mind,
gay heart,
and sacred purity of hers
in a sandy drop of the hour glass
even before the crows could crow
has been massacred into a hell
of unforgettable memories
like the reminiscence
of first act of tsunami
but all left in her heart
is but a needle of tormenting ache
like the cactus of Sahara
all left in her haunted soul
is but shadows of doubt
with scepter and crown
of catastrophic throne of dignity
she ought not to remember that night,
no! she ain't
when the morose moon stares in me melancholy,
when the serene stars breaths in sadness
when those bizarre owls hoots with dexterity
and when then sky hums with tranquility
with the extra sarcastic mix
of the noisy squeaks of mouse and crickets
all alone at night, you were sitting
on that mortar, with its mouth kissing the ground
you were cherishing the greatness of nature
with total lost in thought and consciousness
O! Stop it, you ought not to say it
for those memories, are but boomerang of pain
O! Your beauty like that of Monalisa
O! Your voice like that of Angelica
O! Your body like that of Cinderella
but just in one night
those sacred body of yours
was turn unholy
and forever in mind
was it, a dagger in your heart.

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