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Verge-In By McDaniels Afanghideh

POSTED 04/16/2018 16:25
4817 Reads Verge-In By McDaniels Afanghideh, Poetry on Tushstories
Pleasure had its fair share of the nightplay
Pain queied up to have its way
Disappointment weighs in my mind
It hangs on my sagging shoulders
Like an anchor,
Seeping from my pores

I was-not-to be in his bedroom
But found myself there, staring
At his well built masculine physique
Handsomly pulchritudinous, hunkily luring
He was smiling in ordinary, leaving me mesmeric
The craftman above indeed crafted a man
I was-not-to be in his bedroom

Lost was I in lucid confusion untill
His mild touch sent cold currents down my current
Goose bumps resurrecting from its rest-in-peace
Your lips look so lonely,
would they like to meet mine?
He spoke in a husky whisper
My heart beating with the response, yes-no, no-yes
I was-not-to be in his bedroom

He helped me lean
on the bed prepared for blissful sacrifice
He told me I shouldn't be scared
I was-not to be,
Crawled forward and told my lips a secret with his,
Soft and succulent, whispering in my mouth
we kissed
Like salted, I drank as the thirst increases
My body became his, to do whatever he pleases
I was-not-to be in his bedroom

Green light on, we flew into Rome at once
Entangled in the delicate threads of romance
Silent screams slowly slip away, while
Savouring the pain served on the plate of pleasure
With a slow and gentle rhythm
Engaging ourselves in this Heavenly Sin
I was-not-to be in his bedroom

Sweetness may last for night, as
Morning visits with bitterness in heart
It was like a dream
I was too weak to withhold his dick-nity
I couldn't shout, not scream
Something got missing, my Virg-inity
Yes! My virginity was lost
To someone who paid no cost
I left in sorrow-full silence
Wished I had gone with my sense
Now how can I tell my mother
I am no longer a VIRGIN..!

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