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Vanquish By Chinonyerem Emmanuel Rays

POSTED 06/02/2018 12:47
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Partly, aroused,
Sitting under the tree,
Bring down fruits for the poor,
Creating a hole for the rich to suffer,
Creating "vanquish" for the sitter.

How can you catch the thief?
With a wire,
Bringing confusion on earth,
Allowing the dog to bark at spirit when he approach,
Laughing at the family members when they are awake,
Warying it's tale to God of the most,
Creating "vanquish" for the earthly dog.

You travel to hell for an appointment,
Returning with tears full on your face,
Taking your friends to the promised hell,
Drinking a vane yard water that is full of stuffy taste at the bottom,
Cleaning your mouth with salt,
Dancing Oyoyo on your feet while travelling,
Creating "vanquish" for the traveler.

People die like a fowl,
Folding arms like a cock that want to die,
Jumping up and down like a monkey on a tree,
Catching bananas like balls,
Throwing apples at you like stones,
Creating "vanquish" at the monkey.

Water forms blood on the ground,
Digging a hole in a pipe to pass sand,
Leaving a drop less sweat at the front door,
Begging the release of the quench,
Crying for the prisoners for their freedom,
Heavenly gate is bright for all,
Killing the killers of end time at the club of destroyers,
Creating "vanquish" at the killers of inequity.

Weather forecast is like a barking dog,
Opening it's mouth so wide like an ape,
Chasing you like a cheetah,
Roaring like a hungry lion,
Using digger to dig out food stuff,
Climbing like a serpent of the old with ladder made of rubber,
Creating "vanquish" for the serpent.

What does the poet mean by the word "VANQUISH"?
What does the poet mean by weather forecast is like a barking dog?

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