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Unfaithful Sun By Uwen Precious

POSTED 02/03/2018 15:52
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Toss us into torrid of
Unimaginable torrents.
Soothe to our wool-like souls,
That your rays are of hate and
Tot our heart
Spur our hands;
We’re carriages of mounded

Sing us “War” into our ears,
and heal our wounds when we
are bruised
by our enemies soot; frightened
by our enemies Jab-Jab, and

Unfaithful sun
It sold us,
Ignoring our letter to it of its
standstill; but it overrode us and
went abroad; out of our place, to
expose our weaknesses,
Derailing our paths; sipping us
out slowly – off our pace.

Our homes will be set ablaze
Our women, their thighs, will be
melted by shags of disrupting

The war will be as strong a wall;
Restricting our visits to our
Loved, and those we are
empathetic for.

Our greasy farmlands will be
mashed as they will attack now,
at this hour,
As the sun grows fade.

We trusted you, this sun, in the
We pitted our guts and lay in
mats: unprepared; without the
idea that we were not preferred,
and that you glutted and hazed
on us all day.

Now it’s a clash -
Bodies dashed
Roof top slashed
Women and children gasps,
as guns and machete shatters
souls and ends cries.

Blood splash, it’s a communal
clash, all owed to the
unfaithfulness of the sun, that
rejected us, as the day benign
sloped away, to make hay for the
nights to become –

For their knives to feel our
For their climbs to be made easy
To where we are situated:
Nigh – a river.
They buttered us all into their
breads and chewed the clan in
bits, as they drummed
Feet stamped
at the fest,
Jollying at each swallow they
Doom had come.

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