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Two Pudicas By Aaron Ovye Anduwa

POSTED 06/02/2018 12:44
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This wouldn't work
'cause neither of us is at all skilled in
saying our pieces as engraved upon them,
as they be;
'cause either of us WILL give up and give in, back to self.

The world as it is holds us to ransom, for
sailing in the direction of the hurricane
in bending in the name of a lesser cause 'cause
we fear the most our own escape
away from our own names,
our own mistakes,
our own misplaced,
our own misbehaves
our own wish-I-could-takes
back, at the least.

This wouldn't last
'cause we both believe in nothing;
we both prefer the simple things;
both prefer the pricier things, like
chasing no one thing alone
or dark night-ins, alone!

Times have ticked way past
the whens when one
could be another's all-in-one;
the whens when to
be hand-crafted and re-gifted
by and to life's disorded
and the bendable-
was fate's bait.
Now, we fear nothing;
we believe in no one thing!

But, if?
we could mess around
with empty rounds,
taking shots at each other
hoping to get hit, high off
the thrill of 'for now'
for though I look in certain
and sound aspiring,
I know slow twirls,
and I know the vertigo entrances,
and I know you know cuts,
you know pathogenics.

But, if!

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