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Two Hearts, One Love By Mojisola Josephine

POSTED 05/12/2018 14:57
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I had been like a sailor lost at sea,
Completely hopeless and fazed by life's troubles.
Cornered by people I considered dear,
And left in me no will to love.
I had felt that my life's Pandora's box was left open,
That even the tiny speck of hope escaped.
But then, in every disappointment there's an appointment.
And I found out that the Pandora's box wasn't empty after all.
That little glimmer of hope shone brightly in the hearth.
And the fire in the hearth was you.
I guess it was love at first glance,
'Cause the chemistry overwhelmed me.
One look at you and I fell so hard.
I don't think I can or will ever want to rise.
You make me want to reach out and catch the stars,
And place them around you to stake my claim.
Two hearts merged together basking in the euphoria of love.
Feelings erupting and exploding into love inducing volcanic lava.
Lips merged in perfect symphony singing the rhythmic love song.
Two voices blending into one, the song of love.
Come! My beloved and let's sing the song of love.
Let's dance to the rhythm of the song that perfect love creates.
Let's merge our bodies into one to dance this pleasurable dance.
Let's sing the song that no intruder can ever listen to.
Let's move in sync as we run this coital race.
Let's find that ecstatic treasure that has been buried deep within.
Let it rise like a building up molten lava waiting to erupt.
Let's give in to the eruption as it takes us beyond the stars into the third heavens.
And let's bask in the aftermath and glory of a pleasurable climax.

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