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Torture By Frederick Elumah

POSTED 01/27/2018 16:59
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That is a kondo in instance,
I perceive death from distance,
In the wind are his tentacles,
Stroking hard with no obstacle,
He has no leg but wherever he goes he leaves behind his footstep...
At my corner I pick race,
Walking back foot like kuluso
Unsure of what I see-
My sight are blinded by the pain,
The pain I will cause those that love me,
My fear clouded my imagination,
To avoid fallacy of irrelevant conclusion,
I jumped no more,
Had no choice than to embrace its gift,
Dancing to the gang with shadows,
Immediately went blank,
Like polythene used to deface my sight,
I began to feel cold,
And I could but hear my heartbeat stop,
I feel on my back,
Like a cow whose ready to be butchered,
I was de-souled like an abiku
I was saved by a beat of broom,
Which landed on my buttocks,
I opened my eyes,
Only to discover that I was already in hell...
A torture for a life spent in adversity and worldly enjoyment.

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