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To War By Uwen Precious

POSTED 01/28/2018 20:09
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There are two things:
So called;
Gods and men
Like perseverance and bane
One wearing the deodorant of shame
And the other with a thudded Gail
Arousing hails.

There are two walls:
Too great to sojourn
Too grey so we succumb
Too high so we are bent-
Forth, as matted fools
They outsmarted us
From our lively homes
with smiling armory
these gods ruptured us, harmoniously.
they god-like hammered us severely
Our health deteriorated speedily
Our strength failed surprisingly
Our cries decreased wholeheartedly.

To war no more
We are the warmest after all
Unspeakable victories they added
when they came
We have been lenient to the canes
Canoed out to a better land
Honoured with land marked sites
We are great men right?
We are whipped for solace
But it felt like the whips were shoe-laces
We never grumbled nor hid our faces
Are we not part of their structure racing?

Each flog measured our strength
So now you ask me to leave in stealth
So I'd lie in state
After I had been pursued
And gunned down like what is stale.
I rather stay in this tent
this tainted wiry
with my pained body
Owing to long unending worry.

To war no more
We have been warned so much
By their bolting bullets.
Let their boats lead us
To mashed up freeborn.

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