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Time By Olaitan Victor Olanrewaju

POSTED 10/02/2018 12:47
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Sands in the hourglass
Shadows lengthening and shortening
Ticking of the second, gazing at the clock
Sunrises and sunsets, by the moon and the stars
Tides high and low
Summer to winter, spring to autumn,
The crowing of the cock to awaken the dawn
We measure his passing.

The past is gone and away
Fading to memories distant and near,
Births, growths and deaths, of people dear to us;
Opportunities missed and taken,
Decisions right and wrong,
Moments glorious and unglorious
That shapes the present, the future,
Moments clear and unclear
Of achievements and failures
Faded and gone in the mist of yesterday, yesteryear.

The present here with us,
Reachable, achievable, promising,
Moment to plan, to act, to execute,
And prepare to meet the future.
Moment to flow with the tide of life
To correct the errors of the past,
Regaining the feet at yesterday's stumble,
Not leave to fate's whims
Or chance's caprices
Matters of life, of destiny.

The future is coming
Or it will never come.
Hopes, dreams, visions,
Of life's grand plans.
"Wealth, marriage, children,
Fame, money, affluence,
All shall be mine", many continue to dream
Yet reality is her, now,
Passing, slipping, fading, unstoppable.

The past, the present, the future,
Defining moments of life,
The future to present, present to past,
Before you know he's gone and away.
The past ended a second ago, the future but a dream,
If you let go of the present, life's but a dream,
Time but an illusion.
He was here before you were born,
He's here, here and now,
And here shall remain when you're but sand.

He cannot decide your life,
He cannot change its course,
He cannot pause to have a nap,
Or a chit-chat at that.
But your life, your fate, hopes and dreams,
Past, present and future,
In your hands lie,
Not time.

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