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This Marriage By Olatubosun David

POSTED 04/21/2018 14:24
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This marriage
That God Himself dissolved at Babel
The fragment of that union that God scattered at Babel
We are fixing it here in an onerous term

But if this place is Babel
Where in rebellious agreement
We conspired to build a kingdom against God
So now, we no longer hear ourselves speak
That holey matrimony –
-a fragile union of strange fellows
-three men, one fair lady
Cannot agree

The centre is weak, the parts are shaking
Unequal stakes, unparalleled shares
Uneasy tension of varied impact
A three-fold cord
We have joined hands, we have gathered strength
We are fighting one another


If we remember
The song that gave us solace
From the grief of the task masters
Is the self same song
That now rouses our grief
At the oppressions from our servants
Who sold us to disaster

The same flute that once cheered us
To the sweet melodies
On our maiden national-day
Is now the flute that suppressed us
To our melancholic condition

We are drained of the harmony
Of our sonorous tunes
That brought us to a dance
And listed our heavy heart
Now, the lyrics we hear
Are too cold for comfort –
-The discordant tunes from weary singers
-the songs of unity and the beats of breakage

(Rowing On The Stormy Sea)

I perceive the voyage will be with hurt
Hence the need for caution
Listen to what we are saying
If we can’t go ap/art, let’s stay in love
If we can’t stay in love, let me go in peace

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