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Things We Do For Lust (Part 2) By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

POSTED 02/05/2018 17:28
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A girl carved hell on her lips
And called it; 'God's image' - it's one of those things mistaken for love

Things like wearing unweave(d) attires
To derail a boy from his sight
To seeing the nakedness of the moon
And the spaces between the stars

Like calling every handsome things, love
Till it bend our pride into shapeless figures
And loose the strings of whiteness in our eyes
Leaving us with philosophic darkness

Things like gulping salvation
Till it fill us to the brim of silence
Like holding too long to vain words
To build in our heart- a castle of butterflies

Like those verbs that became the action films
Displayed on our bodies- of how girls
Gave themselves as sacrificial lambs
To priests who hide behind prayers to predate their preys

Things like speaking with colourful accents
To make hearts up with sinful-kit
To fake identities to cross borders
To countries filled with Sodomic angels

Like surrendering to the songs
In the throat of men whispering sweet nothing
Men, stranded in the fiction of their lives
And men, whose lives are dictions of subtle poems

Things like searching for love
In rooms filled with brothels
Rooms where hell lives on earth
Rooms plaited with weird and strange sounds

Like h(a)unting a boy in broad day light
Roasting him with cold fire at night
Like finding our beautifulness
In the mirror in men's eyes

Things like learning the art of carefulness
To dive into love without bruises
To throw our bodies on the bed of dead men
For life, redemption and resurrection

Things we do for lust
Are same things- mistaken for love

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