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Things We Do For Lust By Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

POSTED 02/05/2018 17:25
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Across this border is a pathway
Where girls lost their footings to those things men do for lust

Things like hiding behind flowers, music and poetry
To turn butterflies into gardens eating girls

Like laying bricks with devil's art
To reach the towers of babel in a maiden's chest

Things like wrecking the silence of dark places
With kisses wrapped in deceitful spittle

Like running into wet smiles
To water dusty faces with goose bumps

Things like riding hearts to prodigal fields
Where the sun is mistaken for the moon

Like opening skins with cuts
To reach the origin of creation

Things like singing with angelic voices
With whore-ly choirs, dressed in jeans and shirts
In a room filled with men whose mouths
Is a grave of lost and broken girls

Things like looking into faces
To break their weaknesses into shards of moan-ful pleasure
Into winds with stolen pride
And into waves carrying sad tales of fate

Like greeting a body
With things that sends red signals
To the veins of boys living in rooms illuminated with blue light
Rooms bleeding menstrual songs

Things like bending and breaking words
Into verses lynching the heart with grey emotions
Into poems carrying the faces of Chibok girls
Who call places they lost the stillness between their thighs, home

Things like slicing God into pieces of memories
That taught us to call anything white, affection
Into pieces of clothes that clad bodies with boys
Who go on exile at the sight of every parted-red-sea

Things like taking turns around flames enclosed in bottles
To burn our bones into the ashes of a burnt lover
To sow hell on our tongues
Nurturing it, till it grows into a baby mother

Things like worshipping the night
With cold reggae and blues
To find healing in sacred mountains and valleys

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