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The Unwanted Visitor & The Greatest Love By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 03/21/2018 16:05
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Poem I
Do you ever pause and think
Before answering the call?
Do you ever care to know
About your visitor's opinion?
Do you ever wish
You were not dreaded?
Do you ever think
That you could be accepted?
Or you have always loved it
When people dread you!
Or you love it
When you stealthily visit your host!
You have left us cold
Without listening to the cries of our loved ones
You have visited our loved ones
Without a second thought to our emotions
You have destroyed our dreams of hopes
For a better tomorrow
Full of happiness
With no sorrow of any sought
Oh Death!
You are every man's dread
But the poor man's best friend
You care for none
But yourself!

Poem II
As a foetus, she grew abnormal
As a baby, she was born after her EDB
As an infant, she was sick until labelled a sickler
She was not the family's pride
She had no trait of theirs
So how could she be!
She was placed in the Day Care
So as not to be anybody's headache
She was placed in a boarding school environment all through her educational pursuit
As a child, her growth was questioned
As a teenager, her actions and reactions raised eyebrows
And beauty eluded her
But in all this,
Intelligence found her,
Good character was her second name,
Integrity was in her bloodstream
Truthfulness was her second language,
Excellently she succeeded academically
And in her late twenties,
beauty found its way to her!
But all along,
She went this far
For she had the greatest love

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