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The Light Of Laughter By Boluwatife Oyedeji

POSTED 04/27/2018 13:45
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Beautiful memories will always remain florid every night and morn,
Like a cooling shower that caress the wall of fruitful emotion,
Whose drop is an antidote and a vane of stupefaction
That warms the pad of feelings to a greater intensity

Their love stand upon the mount Zion under the shade of Almighty,
Impelling the flannel of vigor like a prominent flag in the air
Assemblage of stars, honoring the blossom couples at a glance
As a sign of deference across the cardinals of humanity,
And the Colly-bird whose eyes gyrate over their dramatic sphere,
And whose beak is a brilliant seat of soothing fun-fair,
Will never resist to trap them a rapturous wave of jazz;

A kiss from the valley of kisses showed them the power in closeness
A hug from the pit of heart brought them the scene of love
Fervid communication bridged the lacuna in their feebleness
Flame of trust burning in their hearts liquidated the puff of leeriness

The jazz of unity being rendered by the bird of unique qualities,
Was lighted up by the cherubic squirrel getting a load of their scene,
A dance was staged, accompanied with the claps of glory,
While losing its syrupy palm kernel being masticated by its jaw

The squirrel said, when the golden breeze of imagination blew,
Across the holistic lambent garden of grandeur,
Near the plethora stones of beauty dazzling on the floor of their merriment;
Hold yourself tight,
Call yourself one,
And switch on the light of laughter

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