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The Hunter By Enyene Johnson

POSTED 02/02/2018 13:44
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The lovely king of Galilee
Thought on about a while
The lovely king of Galilee
Loved all the things in life

The hens, the birds, the lion too
Were all his delight
Of all the animals in the zoo
The lion was his favorite

First he called his subjects near
Telling them of what was dear
To him the king of Galilee
That he loved so much his family

At this his subjects kept quiet
Meanwhile they were having diet
The royal place was clean and neat
While they were having drink and meat

Yes now I must tell you my heart
Of why I called you to my house
Sit down and listen carefully
And this you’ll take it faithfully

Go on, go on the people said
Take heart our lord and also faith
For we are all your subjects dear
And we will always, will be near

At this the king he coughed his throat
And then he adjusted his cloth
And took a little bit of wine
And turned and saw his lovely wife

Good day to all my subjects dear
Today is such a lovely day
I need a man to give a thing
So he will help me take care of it

What could it be? The subjects thought
And also now they quietly sought
What it was they sought and thought
But none was closer to the stuff

Yesterday was such a busy day
Said he the king of Galilee
I caught a young lion yesterday
Added the king of Galilee

At this the subjects didn’t know
Whether they should begin to laugh or cry
Of course they thought the king should know
Why he had called them to his home

And now I need a man from you
Who’ll take care of the thing for me
And this is what he’ll have to do
Said he the king of Galilee

He’ll take the thing to his own home
And train the thing till it’s all grown
And bring it back to my own home
After the thing is fully grown

Of course of course the subjects said
We’ll do it just as you have said
They chosed a man who accepted
To keep the thing and give it care

The plates and cups were now empty
Their discussion so interesting
They thanked the king so much for that
And then they all took up their bags

It wasn’t long when they were back
For the lion had ate up the man
Who was to take care of the thing
It was a very pitiful scene

They cried and wept and mourned and sobbed
The man was nice and good they thought
After a week they stopped to sob
We’ll find another man they thought

The king he said we’ll have to find
Another man so good and fine
Who’ll take care of the thing for me
Said he the king of Galilee

The wisest man he stood and waved
He stood and spoke with faith and grace
I’ll take care of the thing myself
If you will let me have its care

Okay I grant you your request
Tomorrow I’ll have you as my guest
Said he the king to the wisest man
Meanwhile for joy they played a band

Three days after the man was lost
Except the remains of his cloth
Undoubtedly the people thought
The lion’s made breakfast of him

How could this be? The men they thought
Who’ll stop this kind of thing for us?
For no man dared to keep the stuff
That lion should be tamed they thought

The king he said we’ve lost a man
The wisest man in Galilee
He wept for him and swore by the mass
I mean the king of Galilee

He cleared his eyes after he wept
No doubt the lion must be kept
Said he, at this the people wept
Meanwhile the man was laid to rest

They wined and dined just as before
With foods and plates and cups and forks
The hunter in their mist he stood
After he’d thought about it too

Oh king he said and bowed his head
I wish to speak the hunter said
Go on to him the people said
Go on to him the king he said

Thank you for giving me the grace
To speak to you my lord this day
I’ll take care of the thing he said
If you will let me have its care

Okay I grant you your request
Tomorrow I’ll have you as my guest
Said he the king to the man that spoke
The hunter from his seat he rose

First day the hunter took the stuff
Oh! Said he, oh I love the curves
And then made sure he removed its tooth
Just to make sure, that it was good

You’ll have to be a vegetarian
Ha ha, am just a Presbyterian
Said he you shouldn’t frown like that
You seem to me to be so sad

The lion didn’t say a word
By now it hadn’t any teeth
The hunter had removed them all
This seemed to make the lion sick

No need to growl or fight or bite
The hunter seemed to say to it
Ill tame you, till you do my bid
The lion only took its sit

Today he said you look so calm
Today he said you look so nice
All lions should be calm like that
He spoke and adjusted his hat

Not long the lion had a friend
At this there was nothing to fear
The man had removed all its tooth
The lion was now looking so good

One day the lion and the man they walked
Along the streets of Galilee
And all the men that were at work
Deserted the streets of Galilee

The news so fast it reached the king
Of such a weirdly kind of thing
Of a man and a lion that both was seen
Walking the streets of Galilee

Bring him to me the king ordered
And the men that went they really bothered
And then they went with sword in hand
In case they were to have a fight

Not long the hunter was with them
Chatting talking merrily with them
They soon forgot the lion now
The king they said he needs you now

Okay I’ll come the hunter said
Give him greetings the hunter said
And quick the hunter was at home
To bath and then he went out lone

Now at the palace he had reached
Now every servant he did greet
Good day my lord the hunter said
For me he said I heard you sent

Oh hunter of the Galilee
Said he the king of Galilee
I heard you tamed the lion well
Thank you you’ve done the work so well

But now I have a need so dear
Said he the king of Galilee
Come now to me a little near
Added the king of Galilee

Now if you could a lion tame
It means you’ll also tame a man
Now, I have a thing to tame so dear
Tis the queen and then the king began

The queen you know the king began
She talks a lot at every chance
And hardly lets me say a word
I fear she now controls my world

At this the hunter kept quiet
And pondered for a minute or two
The king with him was having diet
He gently then removed his shoe

And now the hunter said to him
Now it’s a very easy thing
You’ll tell her you’d no longer be
The humble king of Galilee

And that she’d also lose her post
As queen the moment you would go
I think she’ll fear to lose her queen
And then she’ll have to humbly plead

For you to stay my lord the king
As humble king of Galilee
At this you’d say you’ll only stay
If she reduces what she says

At this the king nodded his head
By that they both finished their words
Thank you my lord the hunter said
Just do my king just as I’ve said

The king, and then his wife he meet
Oh dear he said I won’t be king
And you also you won’t be queen
Am tired of this hectic thing

Oh no, the queen she said to him
You can’t do that, what do you think
For me to lose my post as queen
And you as king of Galilee

The king he swore again and again
I can’t go on as king again
And then the queen so suddenly
Her face then looked so somberly

The queen she came a little near
You can’t do this to me my dear
But why do you so want to leave
As humble king of Galilee

I can’t go on with all your talks
I shall go on if you will stop
To interrupt me when I talk
And then the king he watched the clock

The queen she swore she’ll have to stop
To interrupt him when he talks
If only that will make her be
The humble queen of Galilee

The plan so fast it worked so well
For the hunter the king he had to send
And not so long the hunter came
Good day my king the hunter said

I didn’t know you are so wise
Said he the king of Galilee
Your advice, it did work so fast
Added the king of Galilee

I have another question new
I think you are a good servant
I think you’ll give me answers too
They say I am extravagant

What d’you think I have to do
My subjects think I waste their due
The hunter he did touch his head
And thought of what he’ll have to say

Oh yes my king he then began
It is a very simple plan
They’ll only need to see your plans
For them which will improve their life

Next day the king he set out lone
And visited his critics place
“Good day” the critic greeted him
He smiled and then his eyes did blink

They talked of all the king had done
The man was shocked, after he saw
Of how the king did spend their due
That it was for their own good

Next day the critic turned his friend
And spoke of how the king has changed
So fast the news it spread so swift
Not long the king he heard the gist

A week later the king he thought
This hunter is too much for me
His tricks are just too much for me
And for the hunter he did sent

The hunter to the palace went
Welcome hunter the king he said
Welcome hunter I sent for you
And now I have some things for you

I fear thou art too wise for me
I fear thy tricks and also thee
In three days’ time bring me thy head
In a bag or else you will be dead

The hunter in shock stood for a while
The king just then he saw his wife
What’s wrong said she the queen to him
Nothing, the king said to the queen

The second thing you’ll have to try
Is that you’ll have to make me cry
Until tears come out, of my eye
I hope that isn’t a little hard

His eyes then went
From brown to pink
And then from pink
It went to pale

At home the hunter couldn’t eat
For his appetite, was now gone from him
He thought until his mind was bored
His aching heart was drowned in woe

The paleness of his frail face
Was fast losing its former grace
The hunter then he took up faith
And went up to his former friend

“Who is here”? The hunter asked
“Am down in bed”, his friend replied
“What’s wrong with you”? The hunter asked
“Am sick of cough”, his friend answered

With this the hunter went inside
And went up to the sculptors side
His eyes was pale as pale could be
The answer of his voice so weak

“Dear friend, for three days now” he said
“Of all the sicknesses, I’ve faced”
This one have defied all the cure,
Of all the drugs, I have procured”

The hunter was a little weak
From thinking in his mind so deep
The answer to the king’s big quest
Has taken a tool upon his rest

“Hm!” he sighed, his tone was sad
His voice, as if he was to cry
His friend did heave, a heavy sigh
The type you heave, when you are sad

“Dear friend” the hunter finally spoke
“I need your help, to save my life,
I need your yes, to give me hope,
If not, am very sure to die”

“What do you mean”? The sculptor asked
As you can see, I can’t go far,
I wonder what; you’ve got to say,
To make me leave, this very place.

“Tis the king”, the hunter did reply
“He says that, I should bring my head”
His voice was sad, and he did cry
“In three days’ time or I’ll be dead”

“I pity you”, the friend answered
“Of such a thing, you’re asked to do,
I think its fate, don’t just bother,
For there’s nothing else, which you can do”

“Not now, not now”, the hunter cried
“I didn’t expect, such words from you”
“Ha ha, ha ha”, the sculptor laughed
“I bet your trick is overdue”

“I swear to God, I mean my words”
The hunter said, with tears in eye
“I don’t believe, a single word,
How can you cook up, such a lie”

To be continued...

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