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The Flawless Manifesto By Festus Ukwueze

POSTED 08/27/2018 12:47
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The sun, oh the sun
The centrality of all existence
The centrality of all reality
And the perfect model of perfection
Who else, what else
Can be as perfect as you are
Although you are non-living
You live in perfection
The solemn perfection
The solemn finality

Men try to be perfect
How possible is that
Oh I wish they know
That man cannot be perfect
Oh I wish they know
That perfection belongs to the non-living
The flower and the landform
Share their perfection with the sun, but never man
Although man can try as hard as they can
They can never be perfect

No point to be badgered oh man
Although you cannot be perfect
But you can be flawless
This is your only feature
Which can never be shared
But how can man become flawless
If they keep out reality from them
The sun is a perfect reality, the truth
How flawless can man become
If they keep shutting their doors against the setting sun?

Since no one can be perfect
Perfection is oblivious to the soul
Do not try fixing what you cannot see
To be flawless, you must withstand all flaws
When it comes to flaws, it is a pain in you
No doctor, pill or syrup can take away
It is the soul that needs the surgery
Men built walls, but found them crumbling down
Never was there a siege, never was there a canon nor catapult
It was all in men’s head, it was all men’s flaws

Self-denial and plastic smiles
Are all illusions of deferred happiness
Then you will have to carry it on like a battle scar
Never seem to be fading
Does not even look like it is ever going to go
Like it is ever going to leave
True happiness comes from true flawlessness
But men resist
Men prefer plasticity
Plasticity leaves one in the dark, never to embrace reality

If this manifesto performs it function efficiently
I hope men will begin to understand
Men will become free
Only when they break out of the fake façade
Like a shattered mirror with shards of an insipid past
Then the false illusion will cease
The great masquerade removed
What comes next is reality
Lightness, freedom and flawlessness
Now that is the real man

This will only occur
When men stop shutting their doors against the setting sun
And learn to embrace the rising sun
This is my manifesto for flawlessness
I hope men received this message clear and vivid.

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