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The First time By Ohanado Uche Erudite

POSTED 02/03/2018 15:55
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I stopped to mark this moment
I looked again, this time it was different
You were subtle, your lady-like movement
I was humbled, your heart my new target.

I couldn’t behold your beauty, I dodged your eyes
I said twasn’t a new thing, I forged my lies
It was high school, I was a low dude
You were in my mind too, like my slow muse
I kept waiting

I was happy for this feeling, You fell too but I wasn’t seeing
Your shy stumbles into my tight cuddles were evidence
The green lights, the sweet fights, our quiet times alone
Maybe the only boy this close, maybe a kiss away, out of the zone
I wrote love poems with ink my heart pumped
I had problems to think I’d get dumped
I stopped, to mark this moment

I knew I had this smooth flair, but with me was this huge fear
The fear of losing this, the fear of getting hurt
Even if I’d miss, I was ready to take this risk
They said love conquers all, and my case seemed rather small
I was sure you were the one
If being perfect was a battle, I think you won

I stopped to mark this moment
I was ready to say the words, the way I planned every line
You stopped me, you said it was fine
Then your lips met mine, for the very first time
It was sweet as a candy, a kiss with your crush
I savored every moment every second
The first time was dope, followed by the second.

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