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Sucre By Julius Tunde Ige

POSTED 02/13/2018 12:45
2621 Reads Sucre By Julius Tunde Ige, Poetry on Tushstories
Baby tastes like honey
that flows from a bee hive.
Sweeter than the juice that comes
from a dozen oranges all combined to one.
She's beautiful, just like the sun in the set
And innocent as chick from the hatch.
She's adorable than a thousand stars, forming galaxies
above my confused head that was thrilled by the sweetness
that emanates from her kisses.

Baby is precious, she's appreciated
Like a dove in the hand over a billion in the sky.
Perfect being in a body of fine face,
Her love saturates the entire me and leaves others
confuses if I'm drunk on love potion.
Baby is full of bliss. Her smiles sends relief
to my aching bones and her laughter,
cracks the hard part of me soft.
Baby is exceptional, just like pure 'Sucre'
extracted from its source.
It tastes good.
She transforms my cloudy head to see
beautiful rays of sun that set afar.
Her love is like magic, but she does the magic
to my confused self and leaves me asking anew
the question I've always asked other fancy advances
'Do you taste like 'Sucre'?


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