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Single People Like Us By Emmanuel A. Anzaku

POSTED 03/26/2018 15:15
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Timo, don’t do this to me
It isn't fair. You cannot come into my life
And walk out like that! Don’t be like
The mosquito that comes in the night
And leaves in the morning.

Funke my dear
This was all for a moment.
I cannot be with you. You deserve better
Believe me when I tell you, I’m not the mosquito
That comes at night and leaves in the morning

Oh Timo!! Even the way you talk
It’s enough for me to love you forever.
The things you do, takes my breath away.
Every single one of them. If you stay, I’ll die smiling.
Your face is as beautiful as the sun that sets

Oh sweetheart believe me when I say.
If I stay, you wouldn’t live long.
For I’ll take your breath away
Every single one of them.
And life will walk out of you like the sun that sets

Oh no Timo!
My feelings for you are timeless
I love you, I love you, and I love you.
Words cannot express my feelings.
The love I have for you cannot be quantified.
It is more than the insects and sands in the world

You say you have feelings?
People like me cannot afford feelings.
It isn't for commoners like me.
You say you love me?
Love does not pay the bills my dear.
Love is as useless as the hairs around your nipples.

Your words should hurt me
But I feel nothing but happiness
You make me feel like a puppy
Colours pump into my life whenever I see you
You are the light that I found at the end of the tunnel

Funke, listen to me
Some people are built to love
I’m not one of them.
They say I look more like my father
Thus I’m unable to love another man’s daughter.
The light you found at the end of the tunnel is a train.

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