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Sing For Me! By Okeke Onyedika Prezide

POSTED 12/28/2017 05:05
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I want to hear the tone
That sends me home alone
When night could no longer see
And day no longer smile

It came the other day from a strange mouth
Planting jealousy in my palms
Watered by my tears.
It nearly grew but our past poisoned its stem

Sing it to my ears
The basket of gossip!
To keep on resounding mildly
Till my pains be lost

I can hear it slowly
Through the bluely run of my ink
And the proudly dance-step of my mother
Saying I am free, free as breeze
Yes! Santa Claus' nod affirms it

Please come closer a bit
So that I can feel your harmattan hands
Without letting it go again
As we match, smiling,
Through the isle to the alter

If ever our yes could be louder
Rather than inside our heart
Now not through our mouths
But from the shores of our minds
Peace shall emanate from our lips
And grow each day in our eyes.


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