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The Silent Cry By Ayomide Samuel

POSTED 01/29/2018 18:03
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Life has dumped them
In the vacuum of life and death
That life chosen was just like hell,
It wasn't fair with a gaze of cruelty in its eyes.
They, who nature has battered,
Smashed against the wall
And on the rock they have paintings
Of all their desires.

Not for those who wage war against God
And get hammered by him in return
Nor for those who make themselves artificial
Handicap to exploit money and wealth but
Those who life and nature has been cruel with

The epistle of the orphans and homeless

Oh! It’s something terrible
No companion with the same blood
To confide all thought
In silence they loud their cry
With their lips miming their thoughts
Lone is just this path.

Left in the midst of peril,
In solitude they wrestle with desolation.
In their head, thistle and trauma lives
And their mute loud millions of words.
Their dreams only run through their vein
And have their meager eyes with tears.

To them, the story of heaven is just lullaby
Sang by mama to lure baby sleep,
Its showcase is just like illusion.
Only in ecstasy they received warm from
Their lost home and parent

Night has become a nightmare
As they have nowhere to hide their head,
Their sleep is like that of a hen whose back
Never touches a foam.
The wind blew off their clothes and left them
Walking naked on the street
Yet, we want to live, their soul screams.

They need shelter, they need food
They need clothes, they need sandals,
They need education, they need prayer,
They need a caring heart and a warm hand.
They are also human, they also want to live.

For because of the poor we have the rich,
Stretch forth your hands to them
For with that, you have done God a favour
You have pleased him with that act of charity
Hospitality and generosity.
Indeed, you shall be blessed bountiful.

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