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Shadows By Oluwatomiwa Ajeigbe

POSTED 12/14/2017 14:15
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—we are alive
Memories wash over us like waves,
Dousing the infinite flames of pain.
But there is no respite for the brave,
Lest he rests and losses his gain.

We'll remember the long days of summer,
And relive all the sunlight and laughter.
We'll dance with unbridled joy,
Singing the forgotten songs of our youth.

There is a river in my garden,
Meandering towards the far South.
The river promises to relieve me of my burden,
And take the troubles from my path.

But I remember,
The dark nights we spent together,
Praying to the gods for better weather,
And hoping we could stay forever in the arms of each other.

—I see crows
The battlefield is silent.
Blood flows in rivulets down my chest,
Soaked up by my torn clothes.
Arrows stick out of my back,
And a spear is lodged in my side.
But I do not notice.
I don't see the bodies littering the floor,
Nor do I see the flags hanging dejectedly on their poles.
All I see is a face.
Your face.
With eyes staring past me at an infinity I couldn't reach.
Your body grows cooler in my hands and I shiver,
Shaking with sobs.
The battle is won, but you're gone.
And I am alone in this dead zone.
I ask you why you've done this,
But the only reply I get is the cawing of the crows,
As they settle upon their dinner.

The rooms are dark.
It has been so since you left.
I haven't see the sun in ages,
And the darkness has soothed me.

You were my sun,
My world revolved around you.
Everything I was, I was because of you,
Now you're gone, and I am alone.
Now I am worse, I am worse because of you.

A pause and eternity is altered.
I have fallen from grace,
A crippled stallion.
I gaze at the skies, cursing the gods.
I curse the world and its people.
I curse myself. And I curse you for leaving so soon.
I remember when I was still at the top,
And you were with me.
I remember how you had held me up,
And helped me walk the perilous paths to success.
I remember the way you would laugh at my mistakes,
A laughter that inspired rather than mocked,
That stimulated rather than deflate.
You were my muse,
The missing part of me that is now lost.
You were my gravity,
But now I am falling.
Because you're gone.

—shadows that walk
There are many types of death,
And many types of the dead.
Some of them are rotting corpses that shuffle down to Hades,
Totally disconnected from the living.
Some are sad ghosts that sing,
In the moonlit corridors of empty homes,
And the dreams of young children,
Bemoaning the state of the dead.
Some are evil shades that roam,
Seeking whom to maim and devour.
But you're none of these.

Now, some are shadows.
Shadows that whisper memories to the living,
Reminding them about the good times once shared.
Shadows that kiss the lips of sleeping men,
Arousing a desire for all the impossible and unreachable things.
Shadows that walk,
Wandering from room to room,
Listening to the cries of mourning people,
And drowning in seas of despair.
These shadows are everywhere.
They are like the wind,
Brushing past us on a hot day and sending icy daggers to our hearts.
You are a shadow now.
A shadow that treads carefully on the floorboards of my heart,
Trying not to be noticed.
But I see you. I know you.
You are the shadow that walks. You are the memory of a well lived life.
And you are something I never want to see again.

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