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Saints And Sinners By Whitney Melissa

POSTED 04/17/2018 14:05
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Sinner or saint we all are
Sinners exceed the saints though
A saint he was
My bright blue sky I also thought he was...

To infinity he promised to love me
Every word that dripped from his mouth
Was as sweet as caramel
Squeaky clean, with no sign of obscenity.

To the moon and back he promised to take me
Then with one rising of the sun
Its rays coloring the Eastern horizon
My saint was gone
Replaced subsequently by a sinner.

No more bouquets of red roses
Fist fights from dusk till dawn
Terror throughout the ticking of the clock
Of the saint turned sinner.

Sparkle in my hazel brown eyes became history
Hollows replaced round cheeks
Eyes became ashen and opaque
Face covered with lesions.

He awakened the ghosts in me
Stirred up what I thought was long dead
That fateful night he came back home
Smelling like a brewery inhabitant.

Events took place fast
He raised his hand to smack me
Pushed me down onto the plush carpet
And as was the norm, started battering me.

The tigress in me awakened
All rationality flew out the window
The thin line between sanity and insanity, I knew not
My ashen eyes sparkled
This time with a dangerous twinkle.

His gun I took
Hanging from the fireplace mantle
His drunk face sobered
Once he realized I was past rationality.

One, two, three, four...countless
I riddled his body with bullets without clemency
I still can remember his face
As he finally fell down, his life ebbing away.

He had turned me into a worse sinner than he
All these go through my mind
As I stare blankly at my fellow 'sinners'
The Black Maria hurtling along the Murram road
In a bid to deliver me to my fellow sinner's residence
We all are
Sinners or saints.

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