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I Made A Resolution By Agatha Johnson

POSTED 01/06/2018 07:45
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Just yesterday
I got a message
That got me thinking
"It’s a new year already"
But then, how can that be?
When I have not completed my year
Wondering what's making my year incomplete
Though others are in the New Year?
My resolution!

Just yesterday
I made a resolution
Which I have not completed
And the year is out
They say it's necessary
But here I am feeling guilty like a thief
Because just yesterday,
I stole from myself
I cheated on myself
I lied to myself
I denied myself
I committed against myself
I worked against myself
Through my resolution

And again here I am
Just like yesterday
Presented with a New Year
But should I make another resolution?
Would it be just like yesterday?
I think I need an extension on this year
As I need a reduction of the resolution
So here is my resolution: to have a great year enjoying the moments and memories
No long words that may not be completed at the end of the year
Happy New Year!

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