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Because My Body Is A Rented Apartment By Village Writers

POSTED 06/07/2018 15:44
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Really strange
how an erected building
dance like antelope
really strange, how I fail to know the entrance
and exit of my body
as a rented apartment
trying to find an entrance –
I saw a woman in tears
whose rents expired a month before her husband was killed
and my body become the only shelter
and handkerchief for her watering eyes-

In room two, I eat and chitchat with boys of different dreams and vision.
Some are determined school boys
some are lazy youths begging for survival
some are yahoo boys trying to recover our stolen currencies
some are footballers dying with creativity without an open slots to Russia-

In room three, I try to find exit from my body
to a man who opens a fake church
every night my body taste like live band
& fills with different faces & languages
until my uncle's wife purse become empty
for the fruit of womb -

In room four, I find it difficult to understand
a lady whose body
is a football viewing centre for men of different age
and I can't give quit noticed
because my body situated in an area where men of different tribes
can have free Wi-Fi & 3G network.
Finally, my body as a rented apartment is a mystery
because my eyes reflect
“ROOMS TO LET" for more tenants-

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