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Relaytionship By Uwen Precious

POSTED 04/03/2018 12:45
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You trusted that I'd change
To the good side
You give a sizable time
You are tired
You cry most often
My mistakes kill you mostly.
I'm a bad luck
Always putting you in a bad mood
I'm a black moon
I'm a woodchuck.
I used to be your man
But, my acts are causing you
To moonwalk out of my life.

Each time so sorry
The next I'm a blooded soldier
With another regret.
I did not heed to
The promise I made
I fell from it
I hit my head
I was wounded for it.

You look at me
This is the very last gaze
I was so emotional
But you are done
Playing this game
You retract your heart
that which you entrusted to me
Back to its safe.
I'm broken
You don't mind
You open the door
Hits it hard
and flies out,
Out of thine life
I delayed your stride
It was stupid that you had loved
A dweeb like me.

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