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Punctured Vagaries By Uketui Anthony

POSTED 02/14/2018 16:42
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Switches and bridges,
Red stained cracks,
Narrow and steep ridges,
Racing heartbeats on tracks,
Applied locks and heart hinges,
Scared to become prey to blood-thirsty sharks,
I needed to part from reds tinges,
Scraps and junk,
I became all this cos of love,
Now all this made my gutters drunk,
Of course love could evolve,
But I never thought it would dissolve,
Your departure reminded me of car honk,
So loud and deafening it reminding me of my hearts dunk,
Scraps and junks I turned into cos of love,
Those glittering lips,
Those touchy love notes,
Your scary peeps,
Your silky and perfumed coats,
The touch from your fingertips,
Our alone times on boats,
Our fantasies about trips on ships,
Kisses we made on each other’s throat,
I miss all these moments, your advices and tips,

You left me heartbroken,
Leaving me empty, with no token,
Glue couldn’t patch me up,
Nor could it cause my pain to stop,
You left me, you caused me pain,
Causing parts of me go down the drain
And the other parts being messed up by glue
You’ve made me believe true love ain’t true,
I hoped all this was a game,
That I just lost,
But on feeling nothing but betrayal and shame,
I knew my cracked up heartbeat was the cost,
At daytimes I felt lame,
At nighttime’s I feel lost,
I had actually become a wild beast to tame,
I now wondered whether what we had was love or lust,
While thinking of you, nightmares came,
All this cos of misguided trust,
I wanted to swear at you,
Wanted to curse at you,
But my mouth was swayed by previous feelings,
In you I saw my children’s mother,
But instead you committed murder,
You eternally damned my heart,
Crushed my notions, distorted my motion,
Made me believe you practiced witchcraft,
Maybe I was under a spell, or you had me under a love potion,
I became reds mock,
Hates moving truck,
Loves laughing-stock,
I was heartbroken, I was love-struck


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