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Prophesy By Fredrick Elumah

POSTED 07/04/2018 20:13
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Prophesy says
the gate of hell will be let loosed
light will turn darkness
gross cover the earth
joy replaced by sadness
problems and pain
the child will dominate
and send us to our early grave...
I am the man
but cant decide for myself any longer
our heart crossed
names they call us
age and time not on our side
wealth I have
doctors confirms no deficiency...
I am the woman
my prayers hangs on roof top
eaten by birds
consumed by my want
quickly I seek a diviner
who wants to live in life
and have no impact like
a snake on mountain?
I am a child
a young redivist
learns from my shadows
gentle face
but no one prays to have me as child.
as I grow up
I fed on flesh
trod on toes
drank fresh blood
and the refreshing gulp of my mums womb.
I am the heir to Lucifer
who slushes to be born
into a barren desperate woman's home
who rejoices at her doom...
I am the changer of destiny
changed my father to drunkards
in his tommy is kerosene
if poverty have another name
we will bear...
Honey...we have found what we want
but what we want hunts us
we are now dressed in rags
because we have a child
burying our shame in dusts.
Do we kill him and send him to hell
or be applauded for the sorrow we invite?

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