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I'm Pregnant By Adebayo TitiMatthews

POSTED 12/12/2017 16:45
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Started as a boil
It grew inside my tummy
Horribly its size grew bigger
Pains, fever it grew stronger
As a man I couldn’t shout 'mummy'

This is crazy!
It looks like I'm pregnant
The outside wall mustn’t see me
I became stagnant
The society mocked my being

Its size; vast
Its pain; writhe
Not even Wolverine suffered this
When Adamantium ran into his vein

My dulcet moan was noisy
The burden seems too big to carry
Even my loved ones became so worried
So called friends left me in travail

My pains I carried alone
'Impossible' they tagged me
Ogre they named me

It’s going to burst
I'm shedding thorns
After being rejected by several hospitals
Until he considered to help my eerie state

The load fell of me
I alighted my burden
It burst forth
It was too big to be hidden
Wild fire couldn’t spread any faster
My news reached the world wider

Nations came, kings appeared, the powerful bowed
wise men made cameo presence too.
I just birthed greatness

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